Finally, a Formula for Mamas with a Mastectomy Meet Bobbie.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of Bobbie

Did you know that new moms who’ve undergone a mastectomy can get a free breast pump (of ALL the things they could possibly need, SMH) but have zero access to donated breastmilk or formula? Obviously this policy needs to change and Bobbie, a new organic, European style formula is leading the charge. Founded by two women (obvs), Bobbie is a USDA organic, purposefully sourced infant formula with pasture-raised milk, 100% lactose (just like breastmilk), and DHA levels that meet the European Union’s intensely high standards. Bobbie mirrored its recipe after the simplicity of European formulas while also meeting all FDA requirements in the United States. What’s absent? There’s no palm oil, corn syrup, maltodextrin or fillers, or corn products, and no antibiotics used in cows, persistent pesticides, and GMOs.  

Now, Bobbie wants to give back by helping five mastectomy moms due in 2021 with a free year of formula (more deets here). “Right now in the U.S., new moms who have had a mastectomy as survivor or previvor can get a free breast pump and lactation support through The Affordable Care Act, but repeatedly get turned down when they ask for insurance coverage for formula or donor milk to feed their babies,” says Laura Modi, co-founder and chief executive officer of Bobbie. “The stigma against formula is so baked into the system with our ‘breast is best’ mantra that we have managed to overlook those without breasts. We’re hoping to bring awareness to this policy gap for moms who have undergone so much already.”

Bobbie’s waitlist is open and will be shipping by the holidays. Bottles up, ladies.