Add it to Your Self-Care Routine: the Belly Facial (Yep, it's a thing.)

By Babe | Images courtesy of HATCH

Warm baths, spa pedicures, prenatal massages. These are just a few self-care moments getting you through pregnancy. Well, it’s time to add another one to your list, and this one you can do right in your bathroom. Welcome to the dawn of the belly facial, a multi-step system to exfoliate, nourish and smooth your belly (and relieve stretch marks and tight, itchy skin) featuring some key products from HATCH MAMA, our totally clean, mama and baby-safe lineup of luxe, feel good beauty items We even added two new products to the list. Our Smooth + Nourish TK.

Peep your new belly facial regimen below.

The HATCH MAMA Belly Facial

1. SMOOTH: Apply Smooth Scrub, a creamy polishing treatment for exfoliation, and replenish sensitive, hormonal skin with a blend of nutrient-rich butters and oils. 

2. MASK: Hydrate the belly with this biodegradable (and actually pretty cute) sheet mask that helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

3. BELLY OIL: This is the OG. The Superstar. The Icon. Finish your facial off with a bestselling, quick-drying botanical belly oil that’s got all of you fan-girling for good reason.

And now for a little zen-inducing ASMR moment with our new Smooth Scrub….