Full Spectrum Doula + Carriage House Birth Co-Founder, Samantha Huggins Talks Finding Space this Holiday

The holidays are upon us. And from the belly rubs to the turkey-in-the-oven jokes, it’s not uncommon for pregnant and newly postpartum women to be the center of attention during the holiday season. After all, you have the very best present!  But everyone has their limits. So, if you are feeling like you just can’t handle one more birth story or belly rub, take a page from our HATCH doula expert Samantha Huggins, in how to take a break, find some space, sneak in a spa moment and practice healthy boundaries with your friends and family this holiday season.

Find Your Ally

Seriously. Who at the party can read your expressions and know to jump in mid-convo?  Maybe you sister, partner or BFF who agrees to make sure your water glass is full, the snacks are plentiful and is willing to interrupt Great Auntie Susan when you need to go sit quietly for a moment.

Take a Break

Have you ever snuck into a bathroom when you’ve been overwhelmed and felt better in like, two minutes?  Now imagine taking 5 minutes this holiday season and upping your alone time game with one (or three) of the HATCH Aromatherapy Wellness Oils.  Dip into a quiet spot, catch your breath and reconnect so you can get back in the game feeling new again. (Or maybe you’ll just stay a little longer?)

Stay Comfy

If you’re planning on traveling this holiday season, remember to dress comfortably in loose-fitting clothes and shoes that move with you. Also, expect to go next level with your hydration – both inside and out. It sounds counterintuitive but drinking more water will actually help keep the juices flowing and can help stave off swelling of the hands and feet. Deep internal hydration coupled with some moisturizing skincare essentials like Belly Oil, Belly Masks and Down Girl will help you feel you

Get in Touch with Earth

Go outside this holiday.  When we connect with nature, even by just by being outside for a few minutes, it reduces stress.  Going for a walk, a swim or a jog in the great outdoors will give you a moment to find peace and reconnect with your tiny humans.

Be Still For A Moment

If you can nap, great, but I would be so jazzed if you gave yourself a little love by taking your shoes off, planting in a chair or and imagining all of your troubles drifting out of your body. Connect with the support around you and channel the rest of the energy in the world into your goddess mama-to-be bod.