Admit It. You Don’t Know Your Kid’s Shoe Size. Neither do we.

Are you sick of ordering multiple pairs of shoes for your kids, only to have totally missed the mark on sizing? Are you done dragging them into a shoe store about two minutes before meltdown hour? Do yourself a favor and spend the $15 on this children’s shoe sizer by Squatchi and measure your kid’s feet BEFORE logging onto Founded by mama Amy Carabajal, this handy shoe sizer was born out of her frustration with inaccuracies in kids’ shoe sizing, so she and Squatchi co-founder Debra Rosenbloum came up with their own take on the professional device. It’s even made with recycled plastic and comes in two colors. So now, from Nike to New Balance to those under-the-radar French brands, your kids will always be on the right foot.