Aida Garcia-Toledo is Making It Work How the *new* mama of 3 and non-toxic expert does her day.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of Aida Garcia-Toledo

It’s never a dull moment for Aida Garcia-Toledo. As the founder of 3 Little Plums (formally Non-Toxic Munchkin), she’s on a mission to make non-toxic living simpler and less overwhelming and empowering and teaching families to take small steps to reduce toxin exposure and create a balanced, non-toxic, healthy home. Did we mention she has two sons and a newborn baby girl? We reached out to Aida in her last month of pregnancy to see how she keeps it all moving and shaking.

6 am: I like to get up before everyone else and look over my emails and get a head start on any morning work that needs to get done. I find this extra 30-40 minute head start allows me to be more flexible with my mornings . I also start my day by drinking a mason jar filled with water.

6:30 am: I start waking the boys up. Even though they are already 8 and 10, they still snuggle with us for a bit before getting out of bed. My youngest will get into bed with us and then I get into my older son’s bed and chat a bit before he is ready to get up.

6:50 am: As the boys are getting dressed I take 10 minutes for my morning routine: I start by splashing cold water on my face, followed by face rolling with my favorite moisturizer and get dressed in comfy leggings (The ones I have from Hatch are my favorite!)  and tops. At 37 weeks  pregnant, few clothing items are as comfortable! 

7 am: We all head downstairs and things become even more efficient! My husband is on breakfast duty and I am on lunch and snack duty.  Breakfast for me while pregnant is usually a poached egg over sourdough toast and plenty of water.

7:45 am: I say goodbye to the kids. (My husband takes them to school) and I head out for my daily walk. As my pregnancy progressed, I have switched from doing a morning Peloton ride to a more gentler hour walk on most days. While I walk I like to listen to podcasts. Some of my favs:

  • The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman
  • Overheard with National Geographic
  • Smartless
  • Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast

9 am: Back at home I shower and get dressed for the day – again these days in the comfiest clothes I can find! Since I work from home, I have no commute time. Mornings are my most productive time, so I focus on finishing that day’s Instagram and blog post if I am posting,  return emails and work with my corporate consulting clients all during the morning hours. Efficiency and time management skills are key as the morning just doesn’t have that many hours!  

12:30 pm: My husband also works from home (my office is upstairs in our bedroom, he has his own office downstairs) and one of the best things about this is that we get to have lunch together almost every day! Today we head over to Erewhon ( an organic upscale grocery store) and grab lunch there 

1:30 pm – 3 pm: I usually schedule most of my one-on-one client consults after lunch. I love getting to connect and work one on one with families and helping them take ownership of their low tox living journey.   

3:30 pm: School pick up. Somehow I am always the last mom to pick up, but the boys love it because it gives them extra play time with friends and teachers.

3:45 pm: Prep afternoon snacks and catch up with the kids on their day.  

4 pm: Afternoons vary- sometimes I need to take one son to tennis or tutoring or I help them find an activity to work on (these days my older son might be working on middle school application questions or homework and my younger son can either read or free play) while I finish up pending work downstairs near them.

5 pm: Time to take older son to soccer practice. My husband and I take turns. Today my younger son doesn’t have an after school activity which makes things easier for me- otherwise it’s Uber driver mom dropping off and picking up in the afternoon! Instead, I take advantage and head to the supermarket with my younger son while older son is at soccer.

7 pm: We’re back home. My husband has made dinner and we sit to eat as a family.  This is non negotiable family time and on a busy day, it’s so important for both us and the kids. Part of our dinner routine is talking about our “peach and pits” of the day – it’s a great way to hear about everyone’s day and connect!  There are always plenty of silly jokes and funny moments with two boys of this age. From dinner to bedtime I put my phone and email away and focus on the kids and I find this helps connect even more.

8 pm: While the hubs takes on kitchen cleanup I head upstairs to supervise kids shower and transition to bed (otherwise it becomes a big party! My boys have SO much energy! )

I usually have pending work so while kids are in shower and getting ready for bed I am at my desk working on writing and content editing and/ or responding to DMs from my community. 

8:45 pm: We are done with bedtime prep, including reading. The house is quiet and I take advantage to do some planning and organizing for the baby before falling asleep at the nice and early time of 9:30! Prior to pregnancy my husband and I would take this time to watch a show but at this point in pregnancy most nights I just go to bed early!