Allie Rizzo's Pregnancy Morning Routine hello pregnancy, peace-out beauty regime (or not really)

Having met some time ago through mutual friends, I was over the moon to find out that model and all around nicest-person-ever Allie, was preggers. At 30 weeks (nearly baked) we caught up to chat about her pregnancy beauty swaps, the passionate work she does for her organization Mother of Dogs, plus what she’s been craving for the past 7 months. @allierizzo @themotherofdogs

Morning person?

Absolutely not. For the past month of my pregnancy I haven’t been working and therefore have taken full advantage of never setting an alarm clock! Let’s just say I get up about 9:30-ish. The first thing I do is take the the dogs to the park before my morning can begin.

Bedside beauty essentials?

Bottle of water, Weleda Skin Food Moisturizer & HATCH Mama Nipple + Lip

Coffee or tea in the AM since preggers?

During my first trimester I was sick as a dog and couldn’t stomach anything, once the constant nausea passed I went back to having a cup of coffee in the morning. It was so interesting to hear all the varying opinions on the matter from other moms. The commentary ran the gamut from ‘OMG you can’t have coffee!!! Skip it for the baby!’ to ‘Heck yeah! I have three healthy kids & chugged coffee throughout all my pregnancies’.  Ultimately, I listened to my doctor who’s of the mindset that it’s fine to have a cup of coffee a day.

Exercise throughout pregnancy?

I’ve always been horrible when it comes to working out and during my first trimester I was literally a human blob. My only saving grace has been living in NYC and being able to walk everywhere—which has kept me feeling good. Recently I’ve started doing yoga as my body was needing a stretch.

Beauty swaps since becoming pregnant?

When it comes to what I put on my skin, all-natural everything. I swapped out my cheap soaps and lotions for clean products and was surprised that it took pregnancy for me to question some of the ingredients I’ve been rubbing onto my skin for years.

Pregnancy wellness secret?

Prenatal massages have been the most relaxing and refreshing for me. And, let’s be honest, I just want a table that allows me lie face down again for an hour—complete heaven.

Morning skincare regime?

Quick splash of cold water, followed by a Vitamin C serum and a heavy cream. 

Night skincare routine?

My skin is pretty easy for the most part but tends towards dry, therefore staying moisturized is a must! At night I wash my face with a gentle cleanser and apply a heavy night cream.

Current state of mind?

Very chill plus very sleepy

Biggest pregnancy issue?

Everyday of my first trimester began with me puking (cute, I know), it was the worst. I felt like garbage all day long. This lasted a solid three months and was incredibly draining. I worked a lot during this time and didn’t look pregnant at all. It was difficult because I’d show up on set like the walking dead and couldn’t explain to people why. All around I was miserable. When the sickness passed it was SUCH a relief and I was finally able to get excited about being pregnant. 

Body and boobs?

I’m 30 weeks along and finally have a belly to show for it! For the most part, my body feels the same but with a big round bump in the middle—which I’m kinda digging. Boobs are still small and looks like I’ll be waiting forever for them to arrive.

Outside of the bump, I mostly feel like myself. I may swell up in the next few weeks and suddenly be massively uncomfortable but so far I am pleasantly surprised with how good I feel, as of lateperhaps anything is better than the first 3 months! I even have moments that I forget I’m pregnant until people comment on the bump. I’m also surprised by how insanely laid back I’ve been wherein I assumed I’d be worrying about so many little details at this point. I’m in a very zen state.

What have you been craving?

I’ve always been a carb and sweets lover, so no surprise that’s exactly what I’m craving, but in bulk! 🙂  Oddly enough, I’ve also been craving blueberries, that are surrounded by carbs of course, such as blueberry waffles or blueberry muffins.

Eating habits? 

Constantly grazing. 

The “don’t eat” list?

I had sushi a couple times early on and a bagel with smoked salmon (one sleepy/hungry morning I forgot it was on the “no list” and I’m glad it happened because it was soooo delish).

I tried explaining to my mom and grandma over the holidays the ‘no deli meat/ no soft cheese‘ rule as they attempted to feed both to me. They were flabbergasted by these rules as none of this existed for them. For the most part, if I have a bite of something that’s off limits I don’t panic, and I’ve kept an ongoing convo with my doc as questions come up.

Early on I googled a couple of questionable food items that led me to a Mom Thread. One article featured comments from panicking women like ‘OMG I accidentally ate salami!! Is my baby going die of listeria?’ After a couple of those scary google encounters, I resolved to avoid the Mom Threads all together.

If your pregnancy were a song – what would it be?

Something that starts off broody, then ends mellow and upbeat.

Boy or girl?

Man child 

Any advice about career, life or being a woman?

Work hard and find a cause you’re passionate about—for example, my animal rescue organization, Mother of Dogs, gives me a lot of purpose.

As far as being a woman who’s becoming a mom…my personal goal is to be confident and ignore the noise. Since becoming pregnant, I’ve realized how many varying opinions there are about everything. Modern women are inundated with pregnancy & parenting advice from social media and friends—it’s often draining and frankly TMI. I want my experience to be my own and not guided by other people—this began for me when I decided to stick to my cup of coffee.