Barrett Prendergast On Baby Number Two, Beauty, and Business As Usual

Barrett Prendergast pregnant

As the founder of Valleybrink Road, a Los Angeles–based floral design and luxury gifting company, Barrett’s Instagram feed oozes with beauty, littered with recipes you want to replicate and flower arrangements you wish you could make.

When Barrett and I originally met, just after she had her first son, Costa, I was instantly smitten by her bright nature and easy style. Now pregnant with her second, we found time to catch up on a recent trip to LA, to chat cravings, c-sections, and caffeine.

Of course on my way out I asked if her pregnancy were a song, what would it be? She answered, Bruce Springsteen, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, because, quite literally, Costa has it on REPEAT all day long! @valleybrinkroad

Due date | April 16th | Boy

Barrett Prendergast pregnant

Morning Routine?

Right now, morning’s are all about Costa. It typically begins with his little voice saying, “Mommy, wakey, wakey”, followed by a piggyback ride to the kitchen before I try to escape to the bathroom and pee. Ha! After which we’ll get breakfast started with tea and coffee. Costa loves being in the kitchen, so he helps me scramble eggs, make smoothies, or whatever else we are having that morning. When we finish it’s always a race to get him ready for school and out the door. Andre usually drops him off so I can get ready and head to work.

Are you a morning person?

Three years ago I would’ve said NO without skipping a beat, but since having a child—especially one who’s a true morning person—I’ve come to embrace the early hours. I try my best to get up with a positive attitude so we can enjoy the morning together.

Bedside beauty essentials?

True Botanicals Smoothing Eye and Lip Balm

Barrett Prendergast pregnant

Pregnancy beauty?

I’ve been using Kerstin Florian Ginger Body Oil all over my body and bump, and am super pumped about the HATCH MAMA belly oil AND the belly mask!  I also recently discovered a botanical facial oil called Arch Glow that’s been doing wonders for my skin.

Recent health discoveries?

I learned that women should keep their turmeric consumption low while pregnant…good to know since it’s EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING these days. Apparently it’s better to consume in cooked foods, but preferably not as a high-dose supplement.

Morning skincare regime?

IS Clinical Cleansing Complex Face Face Wash

IS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum

Arch Glow Face Oil

IS Clinical Youth Eye Complex

Control Corrective Sunscreen SPF 30

True Botanicals Smoothing Eye and Lip Balm

Nighttime skincare routine?

IS Clinical Cleansing Complex Face Face Wash

Control Corrective Hydrant Stabilizer

Arch Glow Face Oil

IS Clinical Youth Eye Complex

IS Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion

True Botanicals Smoothing Eye and Lip Balm

Barrett Prendergast pregnant

Coffee or tea since preggers (or ever)?

I stay away from caffeine while I’m pregnant. I generally opt for a cup of decaf Chai or a Cardamom Almond Milk Latte instead.

On being pregnant for the second time—like riding a bike?

The 2nd time is so different from the first. The first time is all afternoon naps, prenatal yoga, and tea with friends. The 2nd time around you hardly remember you’re pregnant as most of the time you’re chasing after a toddler!

Current state of mind? 

Tired but excited about this next chapter for our family.

Exercise while pregnant?

Lots of walks.

Biggest pregnancy issue?

Exhaustion and an achey back.

Barrett Prendergast pregnant

Most surprising thing about being pregnant?

My 2nd trimester has brought me a burst of energy that’s wonderful and very much appreciated.



Eating habits? 

I eat a pretty balanced diet. Lots of fruit, salads, pasta, and soups with pregnancy.

Barrett Prendergast pregnant

Go-to pregnancy snack?

Cara Cara Oranges

Avoid the “don’t eat” list?

Yep! I feel like it’s only 9 months…I can do it.

Birth plan, if you have one?

I’m having a scheduled C-Section. I have a bad back from a car accident when I was younger, so I’ve always known I’d have to have C-Sections with my babies.

Body and boobs?

I love my pregnant belly and my boobs haven’t really changed that much, yet.

A bit of advice…

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Each day is a new chance to make a change, have a better attitude, or start something over.