Because Pregnancy + Postpartum Sweating Is Real Meet the first pregnancy-safe deodorant made for motherhood.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of HATCH

Finding the right deodorant while pregnant  and breastfeeding is enough to make you lose another night of sleep. We know, we get it. It’s enough that you’ve had to swap out your favorite wrinkle-reducing prescription creams and serums (and you can forget about that Botox appointment), let alone your pant size and sleep routines, but your pits add a whole nother layer of thought. We’ve heard the stress from our community of mamas long enough and of all products, deodorant continues to rise to the top on the worry list. “What is actually safe? How will my deodorant affect my hormones, my lymph nodes? Will a natural deodorant really work? Can someone just do the work for me?”

At this point, we know that ingredients found in most mainstream  antiperspirants can potentially pose various risks to mama and babe: think aluminum, triclosan, parabens, phthalates, PEGs and more. Not only do they plug your body’s natural ability to sweat, but certain ingredients contain properties that mimic estrogen and disrupt your hormonal flow. Not to mention that your underarms, lymph nodes, and all that go there, are close to your breast milk + nursing babe.  This doesn’t include ingredients that might be safe for the average Jane, but can be irritating or contraindicated in pregnancy. We’re talking synthetic fragrance, silicones, phenoxyethanol, and even natural extracts like sage or silica.

“I’m a fan of decreasing the amount of overt chemicals that we use and I tell my patients it’s prudent to make these changes where they can, deodorant included.” says Dr. Shiva Ghofrany, an obstetrician-gynecologist based in Stamford, CT. 

So what’s a hormonally sweating, hot AF preggo + postpartum gal to do? Fortunately we did the work for you. Enter FRESH MAMA by our friends over at HATCH – the first all natural, pregnancy and breastfeeding-safe deodorant designed to support your entire motherhood journey that actually works (because hormonal sweating is real). It’s chock full of nutrients like probiotics, arrowroot and coconut oil that’ll keep your skin soothed as it changes, but without baking soda or other common additives that are known for causing itch and irritation during pregnancy. Because there’s nothing your sensitive, hormonal skin needs more than another flare up or compromise. You’ll stay dry and smell amazing but without the gnarly residue or staining, plus there’s no greasy feel left behind. We even added our first ever natural fragrance to help you stay fresh with an ultra-light blend of Japanese citrus and chamomile. (Think lowkey, lovely smell that won’t induce morning sickness. Promise).

We did the work. We listened to your stories. We hustled 24/7 with our team of experts and spent over two years developing many, many formulas until we got it right. FRESH MAMA is just one more way that we got you, throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Your pits will thank us for it.