Pregnant Woman wearing Belly Mask from HatchPregnant Woman wearing Belly Mask from Hatch

Belly Masks! Because self care is not just for your face.

By Babe

You’ve got a great skin routine.. You’re good about treating that insanely annoying adult acne, nourishing your face with gentle moisture, exfoliating just enough, and you even remember to use pregnancy-safe SPF every day! You’re basically an expert.

Now our beautiful baby bump is putting in the work to make room for your new baby, and the skin around it is, too. As you grow, your skin might need a little attention.

Luckily, we’ve got the goods to help keep your belly moisturized and smooth and to soothe those newly forming stretch marks. You heard it here first: belly masks!

The Benefits of Masking

The typical sheet mask is made for the face and jam-packed with nutrients and serums that can be soaked into the skin for concentrated skin treatment. They’re also effortless and convenient to use.

Masks don’t require much forethought. You can spend your time doing other things like watching TV or writing thank you notes for the dozen identical baby onesies you got in the mail. You chill while the mask does all the work.

Think of belly masks similarly to face masks, except they’re much bigger and go on your belly…

Here are a few of the best benefits of using sheet masks:

  • The Hydration Factor – The most significant benefit to using sheet masks is their unmatched ability for deep, moisturizing treatment. Because they’re so dense with all-natural ingredients, you’ll only need them to sit atop your skin for anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. (Which is good because once you sit down, you’ll likely need to pee again.)
  • Gentle on Sensitive Skin – Another incredible benefit to sheet masks is that they are kind to those of us with sensitive skin. Typically, sheet masks are made with fewer preservatives and don’t have as many potentially irritating ingredients as average skin products.
  • The Simplicity Factor – Our favorite thing about sheet masks has got to be how no-stress they are. They can bundle up so many active, nourishing ingredients in the easy-to-apply package. 

You’re already doing so much just growing that baby. Keep your skincare as chill as possible and enjoy the spa-like downtime of a sheet mask.

Our Favorite Belly Care

Your body is in the most incredible era of growth and change. As your baby grows from the size of a lima bean to an avocado to something you’re a little more nervous about pushing out, so does your belly. Tracking the growth of your belly can be super exciting. 

Not so exciting? The stretch marks that come with it. “Stretch mark” is the term used to refer to indented streaks or different colored stripes on your skin. They’re a super common reaction to any sort of expansion or stretching of the skin.

Stretch marks are completely normal and a beautiful reminder of the hard work your body is putting in, but they may not be your favorite look.  Here’s a little self-care list aimed to target stretch marks and a host of other pregnancy skincare changes..

There are many ways to give your belly some lovin’ during your pregnancy. Maybe you’re a fan of some tried and true petroleum jelly. Maybe you’re a little lost on where to start altogether. Either way: we’re here with the deets.

Sheet Mask: Belly Edition

The easiest way to treat your baby bump is with a sheet mask. Don’t worry; you don’t have to buy dozens of tiny face masks just to fit around your growing belly. There’s a sheet mask out there made precisely for you, mama.

We love the wink we get from this belly mask made for a baby-holding belly. With its all-natural ingredients and materials, we trust it to give the clean and reliable nutrients needed to moisturize and heal. 

Body Oil: For the Belly

In between your masking session, you might want to give your belly that extra hydrating bump with a good oil product. A botanical-heavy belly oil made to treat a sensitive belly forming stretch marks is truly a must-have as your pregnancy progresses. 

A good, naturally made belly oil can really give your skin the extra vitamins needed to help that belly glow match that pregnancy glow.