But How Can We Actually Achieve "Pregnancy Glow?" Enter bakuchiol.

By Babe | Photos by Sydnee Marie Photography

There’s a lot to be said about “pregnancy glow,” namely that it’s a crazy myth perpetuated by lord knows who (the patriarchy, probably). In fact, we can’t think of a less sexy, less glowy time than pregnancy, when we’re exhausted, bloated and swollen, we’ve had to forego certain, ahem, beauty pick-me-ups that we’ve grown accustomed to – not to mention being totally unable to use our swear-by acne fighting products like retinoids, salicylic and more. What gives??

“During pregnancy, hormone changes, stress and some mild immune system suppression are the main causes of skin breakouts,” says Dr. Claire Wolinsky, a dermatologist based in New York. “Specifically in the first trimester and towards the end of pregnancy, there is a rise in androgen levels which leads to an increase in sebum (oil) production. This is the main cause of acne during pregnancy. The stress of pregnancy itself on the body as well as emotional stress can be additional triggers of acne during this time.”

Fortunately, the geniuses over at HATCH have done it again by creating a powerful pre-pregnancy skin regimen that’s mama and baby-safe and actually does stuff. There’s Brighten Up, a radiance serum featuring bakuchiol, a wrinkle and melasma-fighting retinol alternative treatment that supports skin during pregnancy. Couple it with nourishing argan and apricot oils and smoothing fruit extracts like tangerine peel and papaya and you’ve got a major boost of antioxidant hydration to brighten skin and target dark spots and fine lines.

“Bakuchiol has been getting a lot of attention as an alternative to retinol that can be safely used during pregnancy for its anti-aging benefits,” says Dr. Wolinsky. “It’s a plant-based ingredient that’s well tolerated by anyone with sensitive skin who is looking for a natural alternative to retinol. Similar to a retinol, it can decrease hyperpigmentation. It also increases cell turnover and  leads to a boost in collagen production thereby  reducing fine lines with use over time. Unlike retinol, it doesn’t make the skin more sensitive to the sun and doesn’t cause dryness and irritation.”

Like a proper prenatal for your skin, HATCH’s skincare lineup is a one-two punch, starting with the serum then finished off with the Ultimate Glow Face Oil. You’ll be glowing in no time with this mama-safe, antioxidant-rich botanical oil blend that delivers minerals, fatty acids and phytonutrients for renewed, calmer, more supple skin. It’s apricot, grapeseed and safflower oils for deep hydration, well as camellia, papaya and promise, antioxidant rich botanicals to help fight free radicals while supporting skin’s firmness, as well as lychee, cucumber and chamomile to support stressed out skin. 

So whether you’re preggo or lactating, odds are your skin might look uneven, dull and sad. Now you’ve got a prenatal skincare powerhouse to give a healthy, totally safe complexion that may just glow.