Can I exercise during pregnancy?

Hell yeah! According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), you can – and should – work out right up until delivery. It’s crucial to staying healthy and some professionals feel that working out can even help with labor, delivery and how you feel following birth. The ACOG recommends women with routine pregnancies get 30 minutes or more of moderate movement a day. Just remember to get the green light from your doctor before hitting the spin bike + avoid anything dangerous as your growing bump will throw off your balance (Sayonara fencing, horseback riding, ice hockey + gymnastics!) Oh, and save the skiing/scuba for your next vacay. Any activity that takes you up past 6,000 feet or way below sea level poses a heightened risk of decompression sickness. Just remember to start slow, stay hydrated + get a good sports bra. Let your body lead + enjoy the process. For more on prenatal workouts, check out TKTKTK (hyperlink) and if you have any concerns or concerns, consult your doc!