Erin Lim Rhodes The talkshow host talks wellness, style and keeping calm on the journey.

By Babe | Photos by Chantell Quernemoen

When it comes to hiding her baby bump for her legions of fans, Erin Lim Rhodes is something of a pro. Now, the host of the E! Snapchat show, E! The Rundown is stepping out from the camera and chatting with us about her first pregnancy. Now at 35 weeks, she’s dishing on everything from snack attacks to wellness techniques (both on point), to how she’s staying calm and blissed out. Read on!

How are you feeling?

I’m feeling heavily pregnant at this point. I’m like nearly there. I can’t believe in two weeks I’ll be fully cooked and in five weeks I’ll hit my due date. It’s been such a crazy journey and it really flew by. Everyone says the third trimester lasts forever but for me, it’s all slipping away so quickly.

For the most part, I’m having an amazing pregnancy. I really had no problems in the first trimester. I had zero morning sickness, maybe a little nausea but for first part, but it was all good. I was very tired, but I’m a napper anyway, so it’s not too far off from how I normally am. I just needed a three hour nap everyday!

In thes second trimester, I was an unstoppable superwoman. My belly was showing, I was embracing it, getting my runs in. I was like, wow, being pregnant isn’t so bad. Then the third trimester hit and it was, whoah, I get it now. I feel more movement, my back aches, the baby started kicking all the time, I get heartburn here and there and indigestion. The third trimester is the real deal.

Do you know what you’re having?

We do not know what we’re having. We made the decision from the beginning to wait it out and be surprised on the day of. I don’t know why we made this decision. For us, we realized there are so few real surprises in life. It was hard going to some ultrasounds, we’d close our eyes etc. But I think it’s making it that much more exciting for us. I keep envisioning the moment they tell us what the baby is. We have the name for the baby either way. It’s just a matter of knowing when the baby arrives.

Do you think you know what you’re having?

When I found out I was pregnant, it was so early on. I was having really bad abdominal pain. I couldn’t even tell, am I fully pregnant? Is this an ectopic pregnancy? Am I miscarrying? That being said, once I found out I was pregnant, I immediately felt girl vibes. I think it’s a girl. I barely had any pregnancy hormones in me, but I had a girl feeling. I had a few dreams with a baby girl, and when my grandmother was passing away, I told her we were pregnant. She asked me to name the baby Yolanda (her name). That made me think, she knows we’re having a girl. For whatever reason, she thinks that.

Although, everyone is telling me it’s a boy because I had a smooth pregnancy. My skin’s glowing, I’ve been carrying low and I’m not that moody. All the old wives tale point to boy, allegedly. My husband thinks it’s a boy. At the end of day, we have no idea, but I haven’t had a boy feeling yet, if that matters.

Do you have a “birth plan?”

My plan is to do an unmedicated birth with no epidural. I’m taking hypo-birthing classes and learning breathing techniques to help during the process and I’m enjoying that. I’m learning how to mentally take control of my breathing and situation, and I’m learning how to be at peace and be calm, so that’s been great. It’s also made my husband feel useful. This whole time, he’d say he feels useless. But him learning these techniques and this method, he feels like, OK, I can support you when game day comes.

It’s all been really empowering. I’ll have a doula with me. She’s amazing – Nina Phelan of The Soulful Birth. She’s made pregnancy and the whole journey so magical and beautiful. She’s given me so many tips on how to be comfortable and at peace. My plan is to hopefully be so hydrated that I wont be hooked to an IV. It’s small details here and there to work out. I’ll be at a hospital and I’ll have an OB, who I also love.

How about your cravings?

I’m that boring anomaly. I have no whacky cravings, no food aversions. I still love and enjoy the same things I’ve always loved. No scent puts me off or grosses me out. I’ve always been a junk food junkee and carb lover. I love to indulge but not-pregnant Erin has restraint and control. Now I just give in. I’m like, cool let’s have a cheeseburger, pizza and pasta in one day. I’m constantly hungry. I have gummy bears in my purse for emergencies. I have hard boiled eggs nearby everyday. My snack game is on point. Once the urge comes, I hit it.

My snack game is on point. Once the urge comes, I hit it.

Can you share your path to pregnancy?

We were not planning this. We had just gotten married in January. We figured, let’s enjoy a year of being married. We can potentially try soon. Then there was a period of a few days where I was off my birth control, but my doctor was late to write my prescription and send it to the pharmacy. We were a little careless but honestly didn’t think we’d conceive as quickly as we did.

I was on the pill for years. Everyone says it takes a year to stabilize and get back to your self. I also figured it would take a while. It turns out I’m very fertile. When I called my husband from the doctor, he was so excited. I was so hormonal. I also went there because of sharp abdominal pain. I thought it was endometriosis or a gastro-intestinal issue. They said let’s just take a urine sample. Then, as I was leaving, the nurse called me back in, told me I was pregnant and sent me off with four boxes of prenatal vitamins.

What are your thoughts on achieving work/life balance as a new mom?

I’m the type of person who loves work. I hate sick days, I hated missing school growing up. I love my show, it’s my baby. Leaving it gives me anxiety. But, I’m going to take formal leave. I could take up to four months, but with my work ethic, I might consider coming back early. I have to listen to my body and see what my baby needs. I don’t know how I’ll be after having a baby. I might take the entire four months if I love the mom life. It’s all kind of up in the air. If I can come up with a dream situation, I’d work three days a week, do The Rundown and possibly do it from home. We’ll see when the time comes.

Any self-care rituals that have gotten you through?

Aside from the naps, I have been good about staying consistent with working out. I think that’s why I had amazing pregnancy. I stayed active. I’m working out with my trainer, Hannah Joy Fitness. She has a pre and postnatal workout plan. I work out with her once a week and do workouts from her e-book twice a week. I walk on days when I’m not doing interval training and sometimes if I don’t want to do resistance, I’ll do yoga or stretching.

I’m also practicing belly breathing and I’m working on my pelvic floor with a pelvic floor physical therapist. It’s great to learn about my pelvic floor. It’s not something I knew much about until I was pregnant. She checks my tone and strength of my pelvic floor – that it’s not too tight or too loose. Even the feeling of pushing – I had no idea what it’s supposed to feel like! I’m also doing chiropractic work. I have an amazing chiropractor who’s making sure my pelvis stay in line because I had some round ligament pain in the second trimester. My body is feeling good. I’m also doing acupuncture.

Let’s talk style. How did you approach pregnancy dressing?

In the beginning I was trying to hide my bump with baggy clothes. I wore a lot of button-ups and tops with patterns to create illusions. I wore big chunky sweaters and vests – things that can be slouchy. Then when I announced the pregnancy, I was all about flaunting it! I’d wear tight, stretchy pants that accentuate the bump, crop tops that show the bump, bra-lettes with jackets over them. My belly is constantly out and bumping.

Normally, I love wearing baggy tees and streetwear, but when I’m pregnant, it’s not the look anymore. Now i just seem kind of chunky and bloated. I’d rather you know I’m pregnant. Right now, I’m wearing stretchy pants and a HATCH cashmere cardigan with a crop top.

What can’t you wait to wear after you give birth?

Literally every pair of my normal jeans. I miss tight jeans, anything like that, I can’t wait to wear. I wish I could wear my jeans right now! I miss my jeans.

What are you hopes for your child?

My hope would be that my baby knows that they can truly make a difference in this world. They will be born with a purpose and no dream is too big for them. Our future is in their hands and I pray they know that they’ll always be supported in whatever they want to do. They have the ability to do big things with their life and that they’re important.