Everything You Need to go Back to Work Post-Babe Peace out, mat leave....

By Danielle Halibey | Photo by HATCH

With back-to-school season in full swing, we’ve been thinking a lot about another season that brings with it the same types of psyched, but scared-s***less types of feels: going back to work after baby. Whether you’ll be rejoining a traditional, office-setting 9-to-5, jumping back into a remote, WFH role or exploring a more flexible freelance situation, navigating a return to work after bringing a new babe into the world is hardly child’s play. 

There are obvious anxieties (like the 24/7 Sunday Scaries, the omnipotent missing-baby-like-crazy moments, etc.) that go hand in hand with parental leave coming to a close and work popping back up on the life priority list, but then there’s also the background “Do I have everything I need here to get my baby the X, Y and Z that they need, when I’m not around” worries that wreak havoc on parents easing back into work lives.

We’ve chatted up moms and dads with “back to work” dates pinned in their planners and polled tons of new parents who’ve recently gone back to the grind to bring you a truly-robust roundup of items you’ll want staffed-up when getting back in the saddle goes down. Because these days, it’ll probably take more than a bigger-than-life latte and a well-timed banger on your Spotify playlist to get you adequately pumped for the exhausting days ahead.

And now for the clothes….