Fashion Director Of Teen Vogue & Allure, Rajni Jacques On Her Pregnancy Style and Journey To Baby Number Two

Rajni’s sartorial choices have long been inspiring others to shop; therefore it’s no surprise that even while pregnant her style is on point. Join us as she dishes on her pregnancy style, plus her journey to baby number two. @rajni_jacques

Current state of mind?

These days, I’m feeling OK; however, I’m more anxious, and I worry more about this pregnancy than I did with my first. It’s almost as if I know too much whereas with the first go-around I was more of a learner—perhaps ignorance is bliss!

Will you take maternity leave?

For sure! Last time I was freelancing, which meant that I didn’t have as much of a chance to take maternity leave. However, with this one, I’m planning to take the full three months off. I need the time. But with that said, similar as to when I was pregnant with my son, I will work until the very end. I find that I’m better working and staying active.

What has been your pregnancy style?

My style hasn’t changed much, and for the most part, the formula is still the same with a few adjustments. I mainly lean on slip dresses, jeans (because denim is just a part of who I am) and accentuating the belly!

If your pregnancy were a song?

Depends on the week, the day, and perhaps even the time of day! At moments I’m super happy, so I’d say Pharrell’s “Happy.” Whereas other times I overthink things and not sure what song that would be, but I’m sure there’s one that relates. However, most of the time I feel grateful because even though this pregnancy has been more difficult than the first, I am thankful that I was able to get pregnant, and therefore the song would be “At Your Best You Were Loved” by Alia.

Do you know what you’re having?

We’re waiting to find out!
With Diego, my first, we found out, but with this one, we decided to wait!

How does this pregnancy differ from the last?

I know they say that every pregnancy is different, and for me, that’s undoubtedly true. The way I feel is different, the way I look is different, everything is different.

This pregnancy has made me an indecisive person and my energy levels are considerably lower.

But I’m not sure if that’s necessarily indicative of the sex; however, I do feel like there’s a different energy in me. We’ll find out soon enough!

What was your journey to pregnancy?

With the first, it took us a year and a half to get pregnant, and with this one only about four months to conceive. It’s funny because, at first, I didn’t know that I was pregnant since I’d taken two tests, both of which were negative! Therefore, I’d decided to take the summer off, enjoy myself and start again in the Fall, unbeknownst to me that I was pregnant and the tests were wrong!

How have you been eating throughout this pregnancy?

I’ll be honest my diet hasn’t been the best. I’m nauseous one second and not the next which has led to making poor food choices at times. Some days I’ll eat healthily, and other days I don’t. For the most part, I’ve been trying to drink a ton of water and stay in motion as best I can. With my first pregnancy, I worked out all the time, but I’ve had less drive to do that, so instead, I try to walk as much as possible. For example, if I have to be somewhere, I will go by foot rather than taking a car.

Have you been craving anything specific?

Fruit, in general, has been my craving, especially pineapples and mangos.

And what about the Do-Not-Eat-While-Pregnant list?

For the most part I’m not eating the items on the warning list; however, I will indulge in a few things in moderation, like a piece of prosciutto from time to time. As for wine, I don’t have a desire to drink as it tastes metallic to me now.

What’s the first thing you’ll have post-pregnancy?

First thing I’m having is a Pina Colada!

Any advice…

Don’t lose yourself in momhood. You were a person before you were a mom, therefore, be sure to maintain your identity because you don’t want to flip to the other side and feel that you’re missing a piece of yourself. I regularly check in with myself on this to feel grounded in both being a mom while nurturing my interests.