Madelynn Hudson's birth announcementMadelynn Hudson's birth announcement

Madelynn Hudson on Maternity Style & Nursery Design Tips for chic, comfortable pregnancy fashion from a TRUE designer.

By Ruthie Friedlander

Meet Madelynn Hudson, not just a soon-to-be mama, but also the founder of MADÉ Studio, a full-service hospitality and residential design firm known for its comprehensive approach to creating bespoke, functional spaces. Her expertise in selecting architectural details, collaborating with builders, and tailoring custom solutions for spaces shines through in our exclusive interview. Madelynn shares how her background in creating beautiful, practical environments influences her maternity style and nursery design. Get inspired by her journey from designing sophisticated spaces to navigating motherhood with grace and style.

Explore Madelynn’s unique perspective on blending maternity fashion with her design expertise in the full interview.

How has your personal style evolved since becoming pregnant?

Such an interesting question! I generally tend to have a very refined and minimal fashion sense. I keep a small wardrobe and wear my pieces to death. I’ve found myself gravitating toward fun fashion accessories while being pregnant. I also feel like I’m gravitating towards more feminine pieces!

Could you share some of your favorite maternity pieces that blend comfort with style? 

I’ve been loving oversized sweaters and leggings paired with riding boots lately. I’ve also started stealing my husband’s denim and I love the baggy fit with a good winter coat. 

(EDITOR NOTE: Check out our favorite knits and leggings over at HATCH.)

As a founder of a design firm, how has your design philosophy influenced how you approach maternity fashion? 

My overarching philosophy of buying quality over quantity infuses most aspects of my life, and maternity fashion has been no different. I’m also trying to invest in pieces I see myself wearing when I am not pregnant.

Many women struggle with balancing comfort and style during pregnancy. What are your tips for achieving this balance?

Stick to monochromatic looks when all else fails! They always look elevated and chic, even if they are cozy sweats!

Who are your fashion inspirations, especially when it comes to maternity style?

The minute I found out I was pregnant, I went straight to social media and started a folder of inspirational looks. I think women like Pernille Teisbaek, Leia Sfez, and Gabrielle Pozzoli do it really well. I’ve definitely been inspired to try out a more oversized look, purchasing pieces a few sizes larger so I can wear them once the baby comes as well.

What advice would you give to other expecting mothers trying to maintain their personal style throughout their pregnancy?

Buy a couple of new pairs of pants when you hit 14 weeks; you’ll need them. Invest in a few basic maternity pieces from a brand like HATCH that you can wear outside of pregnancy as well, and dial up the accessories! That way, even if you are wearing leggings, you’ll feel fashionable.

How does your interior design philosophy influence how you plan or have set up your nursery?

I am wayyyy too excited to design the nursery! I want it to feel consistent with the rest of our home (which we are also currently designing), so I want the room to feel sweet yet still “adult” and elevated. It will feel playful and childlike in ways but be filled with pieces we can reuse throughout the home when we transition our bebe into a larger room down the road.

Many parents find it challenging to blend their style with the functional needs of a nursery. What are your tips for creating a nursery that reflects your aesthetic while being practical for a baby?

Throw all the overly baby stuff out the window and focus on a color palette, materials, and pieces that feel consistent with the rest of your home. The nursery is a space for both the baby and parents, so you want it to feel inspiring and relaxing to you primarily. Ideally, all the pieces you purchase could get re-purposed throughout the home (aside from the crib) once your babe has outgrown things. And my main tip is to mix in vintage! For example, I plan to use vintage light fixtures in my nursery to give it a touch of whimsy that still feels elevated and adult.