Finally, a Magazine for Moms That's not About our Kids Meet Mother Tongue.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of Mother Tongue

Traditional “motherhood” mags have long shied away from real conversations around motherhood. More so, very few have even ventured to separate women from their roles as mothers – as though it’s a wholly encompassing identity that leaves behind nothing else to experience.

Now, Mother Tongue, a biannual print magazine edited by co-founders Melissa Goldstein and Natalia Rachlin and designed by creative director Vanessa Saba, interrogates (and celebrates) modern motherhood through inclusive stories about art, sex, pop culture, politics, food and a few things in between.

But it’s not about sleep-training or “12 changing tables for your minimalist apartment.” It’s actually not even about kids or how to parent them, but the nuanced lives we live as mothers and humans.

The magazine just released its third issue – a beautifully crafted arsenal of storytelling around everything from birth control to 90s soundtracks, to hiding in church bathrooms and channeling Jason Statham. But, according to the mag, it’s also about embracing imperfection and redefining what it means to be present, with hot takes by writers, artists and experts like Erica Chidi, Catherine Opie, Aki Goto and Fiorella Valdesolo.

“It’s about bodies (and body politics), mental loads, emotional intelligence, and screaming into the ether. It’s about the need for representation, the injustice of motherhood against a backdrop of war, and the importance of saving ourselves–because no one else is coming to do it.”

We’re here for it.