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High-End Maternity Clothing: Is It Worth the Hype?

By Babe

We believe there are a few things in life definitely worth investing in. Good quality bedding, for one. Designer shoes? Always worth it. And high-end maternity fashion? Absolutely worth the splurge.

We love thrifting for rare finds just as the next gal, but when it comes to the clothes that are going to fit you and your growing little one, there’s no cutting corners. You need maternity wear that you can count on.

Are the Best Maternity Clothes Worth the Splurge?

When it comes to maternity style, it can be tempting to quickly buy the cheapest and most practical t-shirts and nursing bras available. After all, you’ll only be wearing each of those tees or bras for a short period of time, right? But trust us when we say that splurging on some chic maternity clothes is totally worth it for pregnant women.

Let’s start with the obvious: It might not be forever, but you’re still going to be wearing these clothes for a decent chunk of your pregnancy, and you deserve to feel confident in what you’re wearing. From morning sickness to back pain and bloat, pregnancy is full of uncomfortable symptoms. You deserve to have clothing that makes you feel more comfortable and confident, not less.

Maternity clothes that fit well — make you look as fabulous as you feel — can do wonders for your self-esteem, especially during a time when your body is going through so many changes. Whether you’re looking for maternity lingerie, knitwear, or a simple v-neck tee, the right fit is essential for optimal comfort. 

Investing in superior quality pieces isn’t only about feeling the moment. High-quality maternity clothes will last longer and hold up better through multiple washings and wearings, and may even make it through multiple pregnancies if you choose to keep growing your family.

We’ve made it clear how much we love swanky maternity clothing. But what exactly should you be looking for when shopping? Keep reading, and we’ll walk you through it.

Maternity Clothes Shopping FAQs

So what should you look for when shopping for maternity activewear, swimsuits, or everyday clothes?

First and foremost, focus on comfort. Your body is going through a lot of changes, and you want clothes that will adapt to those changes and not constrict you. Whether you’re wearing overalls or a basic long-sleeve tee, you want to be comfy while awaiting the new arrival in your life.

Keep an eye out for clothes made of luxe materials and elevated fabrics, such as cashmere, bamboo blends, and silk, as well as OEKO-Tex-certified fabrics (for an extra level of safety for you and your babe).

You’ll also want clothes to support your growing bump, like leggings with stretchy waistbands and jeans with built-in supportive panels. Functional details on shapewear, like adjustable straps and compressive waistbands, will also make your life easier when dressing up your cute bump.

Next, consider the style of the clothes. The days of frumpy baby shower gifts (the pillowy shirt dress from your aunt, for example) are over — just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal style.

Look for clothes that align with your usual aesthetic and fill in the gaps in your wardrobe. If you’re into cardigans or midi dresses, pick out maternity-friendly versions of these items that you’re sure to wear postpartum.

If you like lounging about your house in sweatshirts or tank tops and joggers, for instance, you should invest in elevated basics. Opt for cashmere-cotton joggers or cozy French terry flare pants. Or maybe you prefer a boho-chic look, in which case you should look out for a designer floral dress that flatters your bump and your boho sensibilities.

Building the Perfect Wardrobe: Be Your Own Maternity Stylist

Rather than buying a bunch of one-off pieces or multiples of the same short-sleeve tees or sleepwear sets, spend some time thinking about what key pieces can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits.

Some must-have items include:

Leggings and Denim

Toss a pair of comfortable, high-quality maternity leggings you can wear before, during, and after pregnancy into your cart. Look for luxe fabrics and a stretchy, supportive waistband.

When it comes to relaxed-fit denim, you’ll want at least one pair of crop maternity jeans. Keep an eye out for an expandable waist and little details, like a raw hem, that make feeling comfy look cute. 

A Smocked Dress or Jumpsuit

You know that perfect maxi dress, the one you look great in but could also sleep in with ease? Picture that, but big enough to fit over your bump without being too tight. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: you deserve to look good while preggo. A charming maternity dress or jumpsuit will definitely get the job done.

A Loosely-Structured Top

Third-trimester exhaustion might make you want to never leave the house (we’ve all been there), but having a nice top on hand that will fit you well is key to building a great maternity wardrobe.

Look for maternity tops like floral print blouses with an empire waist or bias-cut fabric for the most flattering pregnancy look.

Loungewear and Outerwear

Whatever amount of loungewear you typically wear in your daily life. Some of us live in hoodies and sweats; others save them for Saturdays. There’s no shame either way!

Comfy and first-rate loungewear is definitely a necessity during pregnancy, but exactly what type and how much, is totally up to your personal preferences.

Moms-to-be will also need a staple piece of outerwear. It might not be the first thing on your mind, but eventually, your tummy’s going to take up too much real estate for even your usual winter coat — and we firmly believe outerwear is NOT to be skimped on. A luxurious maternity coat is definitely worth the price.

Treat Yourself

Not everything in life is worth paying top dollar for — but when it comes to five-star maternity clothing, we firmly believe it’s worth ALLLLL the hype. You’re growing a whole new human, after all. If there’s ever a time to source comfortable and top-quality clothing, it’s now. You deserve it!