How can I boost my energy levels?

Whether you’re in the first, second, third or fourth trimester, energy is something you’ll be chasing all 40 weeks and beyond. While there’s no secret formula to getting some of your mojo back, here are a few simple changes in your day to keep your energy up during pregnancy:

  • NAP: Give yourself the gift of the nap. Granted, it might be easier to pull off if this is your first pregnancy and you’re not chasing a toddler around a playground, but check in with your partner, your caregiver, your mama, anyone who can take some of the weight off your hands so that you can get some rest. Sidenote: start going to bed earlier and waking up later. Organize your day around when you can get a little shut-eye. 
  • Just Say No: Dinner with the girls? Meh. Sunday Funday brunch? Pass. Learn how to decline invitations and obligations and use the best possible card you have. The preggo card! Of course, do what makes you happy, and if it’s attending a good old fashioned throw-down, then we support! But pick and choose your social outings wisely so you can rest up.
  • Limit Your Workouts: We believe in the power of exercise to feel great throughout your pregnancy and beyond. However, it’s possible you could be overdoing it and exhausting yourself + your energy supply. If pregnancy is taking its toll, take a time out and do some restorative body work like prenatal yoga, a lovely walk through nature or kick it on a park bench and watch the world go by. 
  • Eat Well: What you put into your body directly affects how it operates, so do yourself a favor at eat a well-balanced, protein-fueled diet to contribute to your energy levels. Nutrients like protein + iron will give you a much-needed boost. Carbo-loading will reduce your energy (though let’s be honest, sometimes it’s worth it.)