How do I prevent stretch marks?

We prefer the term “Warrior Marks” or “Mama Marks.” After all, if you have stretch marks from pregnancy, why not rock them with pride?! But we get it. Sometimes you’re just trying to maintain that youthful, supple pre-preggo bod. Is that so wrong?! Of course not. The bad news is that in large part, stretch marks are hereditary, so if your mama had them with you, odds are you’ll carry on that genetic code. But some defenses exist in tackling stretch marks along the way.

One of the best stretch mark strategies is making sure your skin maintains maximum elasticity. You can achieve this by eating Vitamin-rich foods that help form collagen. Vitamin C in particular helps protect tissue from damage, while Riboflavin and Niacin are known to promote healthy skin. Also, drink at least 2 liters of water a day to help strengthen and renew skin. 

In tandem with eating well, our best-selling Belly Oil is a nutrient-rich quick-dry oil that helps relieve itching + reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Its baby-safe botanical blend is formulated to support skin as it stretches and provides deep hydration without leaving a greasy feel. It’s a one-two, power packed hydration from the inside out AND outside in.  

Lastly, get moving! In addition to fighting fatigue, helping with sleep + reducing mood swings, working out improves circulation, which helps with skin elasticity and offers more stretch as it grows. Same goes with varicose veins! So hit up the pilates studio, the spin class, or go take a hike, literally.