"I Moved From the City to the Suburbs. Which Stroller Do I Need?" Real moms weigh in.

By Babe | Photo courtesy of UPPAbaby

Whether you were Covid runaways or always desired a picket fence and Starbucks drive-through, you made the leap from city to suburbs. And now, in addition to furnishing an actual home beyond a 1,400 square feet box, you’re left wondering what else you need to feel equipped in the ‘burbs. Enter the stroller – arguably a top three most important registry item. And, unlike a crib, one that’s highly dependent on your surroundings.

In the city, your stroller is your lifeline. If it can’t house the contents of your entire day, it’s worth nothing. You don’t need to worry about folding it up because it’s actually your car. In the suburbs, however, a stroller is a point A to point B situation. Unless you’re out there mall walking, it’s for the 15 minutes where you get out of your car with your baby, only to get back in. Therefore, the folding is key.

Read on as we surveyed some of our favorite moms who made the move, and which strollers they recommend. Like all things baby-raising and gearing, it’s entirely personal but here are just a few options.