How to buy a cribHow to buy a crib

9 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Crib What to know about the most important item on your registry.

Gone are the days of having to resort to impersonal, boring, design-lacking options when shopping for cribs. Today, the options are plentiful, and thankfully, many are quite aesthetically pleasing. But how do you determine what’s good from what’s great? How do you decide on arguably the most important piece of furniture that will go into your little one’s nursery? 

Sustainably crafted in Brazil and JPMA certified to exceed safety standards, Nestig offers elevated, functional cribs that transform from a mini-crib to a full crib to a toddler bed. Flexible, multifunctional, eco-friendly, and of the highest quality, these babies check all the boxes. 

Here, we speak to Nestig’s Co-Founder and CMO Sara Adam Slywka about the essential questions to ask when shopping for a crib. 

1. What certifications does it have?

“You want to make sure the company has done its homework and that the product has been tested by a third party in a laboratory,” says Slywka. Nestig is JPMA certified, which means the brand is fully verified as compliant with all crib safety requirements. Other things to consider when shopping: paint and finishing, is the brand being open and transparent andis the brand open to answering your questions. 

2. Does it fit well with your lifestyle?

“Nestig has talked to so many parents who have expressed that they’re going through a transitional period,” Slywka says. This innate sense of transition ultimately informed their design. “Our crib uniquely fits with different types of life changes, whether you’re moving, or you’re not sure about what sleep arrangement you want.” Nestig’s Wave, Cloud and Snow cribs all start as a mini giving you flexibility and eliminating any need to purchase another bassinet that will have a short lifespan of usefulness. Look for something that is flexible for you as you learn what your new lifestyle will become. “You don’t want to lock yourself into a sleep arrangement that will be cumbersome to navigate.” 

3. Do you feel good about the way it was made?

Say it with us: TRANSPARENCY. IN. SUPPLY. CHAIN. Know where and by whom your cribs are being made. “All our cribs are manufactured in Brazil from FSC certified, sustainably harvested wood. Each of our manufacturers is a family-owned business that we’ve personally visited multiple times. They’re true craftsmen. We feel really strongly that we want to have that transparency and level of trust both to make a quality product and also about feeling good about the ecosystem, supplies, and labor practices.”

4. Will the assembly make you want to pull your hair out?

There’s nothing that sounds less appealing while pregnant than struggling to assemble a super complicated piece of furniture. “One of our goals in the design process was to make assembly as simple as possible and we hear all the time from customers that the assembly was a breeze” says Slywka. Nestig’s Wave and Cloud cribs are some of the easiest cribs to assemble on the market. We say pick a crib that is easy to assemble and convert and future you will thank you. 

5. Do you love the design?

The nursery is such a special room and should never be an afterthought. “It’s the space you’ll be having so many milestone moments and we believe that’s something to celebrate,” says Slywka. “Having a room you’re excited about imagining these future moments and then ultimately experiencing them is a beautiful thing. It’s such an overwhelming time so it’s not that you need this picture-perfect space, but having a space that inspires you unlocks a really special magical energy.” So with that in mind, make sure you love the furniture that you’re choosing. Safety, first, of course. But you don’t have to sacrifice your style.  

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6. How long will it last you?

“We thought about this a lot with our products,” Slywka explains. Nestig designed their cribs to last 3-4 years, depending on the size of your little one. “Our goal is to create something that will last multiple life stages. We think parents should be thinking about that as they make the decision.”

7. Will you have to buy additional parts down the road?

If you’re in the market for a convertible crib that will last you multiple years, you don’t want to get stuck constantly having to buy new parts. “All of our toddler bed conversions are included from the start,” Slywka says.” “The only thing we don’t include is a full-size crib mattress.  Each conversion has its own box so it’s super organized. You only open each conversion as you need it, It’s nicely contained verses in pieces under a bed.” Music to our ears.

8. Are there helpful reviews?

If you read the reviews, you want to make sure you’re looking for quality reviews that say something. Look for reviews that help you decide if the product is right for you. (Pro tip: there are some EXTREMELY helpful and Hatch staff-approved reviews on Nestig’s site if you scroll to the bottom of each product’s page.)

9. What kind of customer service will you receive after you’ve purchased the product?

As a new parent, you’ll have lots of questions. A piece as important as a crib should be bought from a brand you trust will have amazing customer service that makes you feel secure and safe. “We get lots of questions about assembly, safety, and we’re happy to be a second set of eyes to provide that reassurance,” Slywka tells us. “It’s a big purchase and you should feel comfortable asking every question and getting answered in a timely manner.”

This article was written in partnership with Nestig.