Melissa Wood does yoga with her babyMelissa Wood does yoga with her baby

Inside Melissa Wood's 30-Day Prenatal Fundamentals Attention fabulous mamas-to-be and postnatal warriors everywhere!

By Baby | Photos by Melissa Wood Health

Roll out the red carpet and grab your favorite wellness smoothie because we’re about to dive headfirst into an enlightening tête-à-tête with the one and only Melissa Wood of Melissa Wood Health (MWH). We’re getting the inside scoop on Melissa’s game-changing 30-Day Prenatal Fundamentals Program, a fitness fiesta specifically designed for the fabulous mamas-to-be and the brave warriors in the postnatal phase.

Melissa, a wellness guru, supermom, and the queen of balanced living, is here to spill the beans on how motherhood reshaped her fitness philosophy and led her to create a program that’s as flexible as a yoga master and accessible as your favorite pair of leggings. So, whether you’re an expecting mama looking for a fitness program that actually fits into your lifestyle, a new mom trying to navigate the postnatal fitness landscape, or just someone who loves a good wellness tip, this interview is your golden ticket. Prepare to be inspired, educated, and maybe even join a new community.

Has your approach to fitness changed since you became a mother?

Absolutely. I used to believe you had to torture yourself during your workouts to experience results, which mentally impacted the rest of my lifestyle. I knew there had to be another way. Once I had my first child, I needed something that I could do while he napped in a short amount of time but was still effective. In those micro-moments, I focused on slowing everything down and committed to my daily meditation and movement practice whenever I could. I now know, and constantly share with my community, that “some minutes are better than no minutes,” and it’s more about consistently showing up for yourself every day.

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That is how I started to see my true transformation; it is also why I create workouts you can do whenever, wherever you are.
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Some of my favorite series are using a park bench after walking the kids to school or a standing series alongside a stroller. Making mindful movement accessible and attainable for all (especially our expecting and new moms) is what MWH is all about!

What was helpful to you during your postpartum experience in terms of getting back into fitness?

First, it is so important not to fall into the trap of thinking you need to get your “body back.” I believe there’s no going back, only forward, and we need to honor our body’s needs during this delicate time. Second, as I said before, some minutes are better than no minutes. Don’t focus on how long you move your body and instead, just focus on doing something every day that makes you feel good. And, you will start to see how a 20 min full body flow or even a 10-minute arm series has you feeling great. It’s all about consistency to help us feel our absolute best in mind and body. And third, take it slow. This is a very personal chapter in your life. Go at your own pace. Don’t feel rushed or pressured. And listen to your body.

What made you create programming specific to pre and postnatal chapters of life?

Creating pre and postnatal content became so important to me as a Mom because, during this time in our lives, we experience our bodies changing so dramatically. And, as I started sharing [my own] content, MWH members were so drawn in and gave the best feedback, mostly just wanting more! This type of programming is unique, along with all of the content on MWH, as it centers the mind/body connection and is focused on slow, controlled movements using both pilates and yoga principles to help you feel your best.

Can you walk us through an example of some of the types of classes the 30-Day Program has?

The 30-Day Prenatal Fundamentals program has everything from yoga and pilates flows, arms and lower body series, side-lying series, core and pelvic floor series, round ligament support, tension release, labor prep, and more! It is so important to maintain both physical and mental strength during your pregnancy. This program is the perfect guide if you’re looking for a place to start, want motivation with a built-in schedule, or anything in between.

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[Our members] love programs! They have reported that all sorts of lengths of programs work, but for prenatal specifically, giving a longer timespan allows you to connect with the movement deeply. This program features classes from me and two of our pre and postnatal-focused Creators, Nikki and Amanda, which provides you an opportunity to discover what works best for you. MWH is about meeting yourself where you are. So, if you miss a day or skip a day, that is all welcome here. Every day is a new opportunity to begin again, and that’s the message we share with our members.

What can you expect to get out of the program?

MWH guides you to build a better, stronger relationship with yourself. With this program, you can expect to move, feel good, and learn more about your body during pregnancy.

Who is an ideal candidate for the 30-Day program?

The 30-Day Prenatal Fundamentals is specially curated for mamas-to-be. Experience a mix of full-body flows and targeted series to help you move through this transformative time in your life. During what can be a sensitive time, we want to provide support. Pregnancy affects us all differently–use this as a baseline to find what kind of movement works best for you, and please consult your doctor if you have any concerns. This program and the entire MWH platform guide you through all stages of your life… with meditations, workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle content to help you feel your best.