Is ED Affecting Your Relationship? One man shares his story, and how he got his life (and erection) back.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of Hims

This article was written in partnership with Hims.

These days it feels like there are very few taboos left to address. But yet, some remain. For women, it’s the idea that many of us can’t do a jumping jack without peeing (true story). For men, erectile dysfunction isn’t a conversation that gets too much air time, but given that 52% of men over 40 experience ED at some point in their life, perhaps it’s high time we address the situation for both men and their significant others, as well. Because when an issue like ED enters the chat, it not only affects the man, but the entire relationship.  

At Babe, we’re constantly striving to shed light on the unspoken, on ”embarrassing” conversations, on issues that shouldn’t feel shameful for women, yet society dictates they are. Now, we’re flipping the script and taking on a quintessential male stigma – ED.  We sat down with Billy, 42, who sought help for his ED and got his life back on track, thanks to Hims, a 100% online platform that offers access to affordable, effective ED treatments if prescribed (peace out doctor’s offices).

OK break it down for us. When did you start dealing with ED?

I realized I had ED about five years ago. When I was a teenager I didn’t have it, but it got worse as I started aging. Honestly, if it weren’t for HIMS, my sex life would be difficult.

Was there one moment or “aha” in bed that made you realize this was something you needed to address?

There wasn’t a particular moment I realized I had ED. There were multiple signs. I just wasn’t performing like I should. My erections weren’t getting where they should be, they weren’t there like they needed to be. I lost my confidence as a result. It was like I was trying to satisfy my partner and I couldn’t please her in that way. Your confidence just goes away. You don’t want to have sex because you know you can’t get to that point and you just leave her there. It definitely impacted our relationship.

OK then what happened?

I started doing some research on it and went to my doctor and talked to him about it. He put me on Cialis and gave me little samples of Viagra and wanted me to go home and try it and see if it helped. So I did and it did make a big difference in my performance in the bedroom, and my confidence went up while I was using it. Then I stopped using it when I changed doctors. I got away from it, and didn’t use it anymore.

When did you come across Hims?

I was dating again following my divorce, and started searching online and found Hims, and I’ve been using it ever since. I love that it’s very discreet. It’s low-key, like nobody knows I use it. I connected with a provider through Hims’ platform from the comfort of my own home, all online. It’s embarrassing to talk to someone in person about it. But through Hims, I was able to access treatment conveniently and discretely, and it has worked since day one.

How has it been going?

I’ve been getting ED treatment through Hims for almost a year-and-a-half now. I think it gives you your confidence back. Once you do it for the first time and see the performance you get out of it, your confidence gets better and better. That’s why it helps the most.

What’s one thing you’d want everyone to know about ED?

If I had one thing to say about ED, it’s that no one should ever be embarrassed. It happens to a lot of men. Just do your research on it and there’s ways to fix it and ways to help. But don’t let it take life away from you, especially because there’s treatment. Just don’t be scared to go get it.