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You’ve Rented Dresses and Bags. Why Not Rent for Your Newborn? How long are you really using that stuff?

“On average, new parents add nearly 125 items to their baby registries,” Henry Vogel, CEO of Loop, and Co-Founder and Managing Partner of DVx Ventures tells Babe. 

Expecting and new parents spend hundreds of hours deciding what baby products to buy–we know because they come to Babe to find out which to get! But we also know that even the best, most highly curated lists are limited to what other parents’ experiences have been. You can never truly know how your own babe will respond to a supposed “must-have” until you’ve already put your Amex down. 

So how do you know if your little one will actually cruise with that walking toy? How can you tell if The Snoo will truly help babe sleep? How about a test drive? 

Enter Loop

We are providing new parents with that “second-child” confidence that comes from your own lived experiences.

Henry Vogel, CEO Loop

Loop is a membership service that allows you to save time, space, stress, and money by allowing you to rent top-rated toys and baby gear. They deliver pre-assembled, inspected, and expertly cleaned must-haves straight to your door so you can sit back and relax – or, like, deal with your newborn infant at all hours of the day. Need something different? Loop makes it super simple to swap items. In the words of Vogel, Loop is working towards “providing new parents with that “second-child” confidence that comes from your own lived experiences.” 

How does this whole baby gear rental thing work?

Loop is a baby gear and toy rental service that allows you to enjoy top-rated items for your baby and family. Use the items for as long as you need, and return or swap them when you’re done. Loop delivers products fully assembled, sets them up for you, and when you are finished using them, they’ll come back and take them away.  

Will Loop deliver anywhere?

Loop currently rents and delivers in NYC and the SF Bay Area as well as Westchester, the Hamptons, and other parts of Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

How do I know it’s clean?

The LoopCare safety and cleaning protocol begins with a rigorous quality assurance inspection and documentation of each item between every rental to ensure each product functions safely and per the manufacturers’ specifications. The crew at Loop uses a variety of manufacturer-recommended cleaning methods, with cleaning materials that are all child-safe and eco-friendly. Oh, and one more FYI, re: COVID, for your safety, all Loop employees are fully vaccinated and wear masks during the delivery. 

What if I/my S.O. or my babe break the rental?

The folks at Loop want everyone to feel comfortable using their rentals like they are your own.  That means that normal wear and tear is completely expected. The LoopCares team ensures every returned item is up to standards before sharing it with the next family.

Sophie Dhujj (@sophiedhuij)

My babe is OBSESSED with what I rented. Can I buy it out?

Loop currently doesn’t have a program in place to buy items. If you rent something and want to hold onto it, they’ll stop billing for the product once you’ve paid the retail value of the product in monthly rental fees for as long as you’re a member of Loop!

Use code HATCH50 to get 50% off your first month of item rentals from Loop (Excludes membership fees).

This article was written in partnership with Loop.