Louisa Schneider's Making It Work How the Rowan founder juggles three kiddos + a piercing business.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of Louisa Schneider

As the founder and ceo of Rowan, the adorably hip ear-piercing studio with nine locations around the country (and growing), Louisa Schneider is well-versed in the hustle. When she’s not getting her three kids out the door, she’s continuing to build her business brick by brick, from opening new stores, to launching products to everything else a c-suite executive has to think about day after day. Here, Louisa takes us through her daily routine and how she manages to squeeze in some family and me time between it all.

6:30 am: I start my mornings by waking up and taking an extra hour for myself to go through my emails. This helps me to have a jump start on my day and helps to alleviate any stress and helps me to feel more organized. 

7:00 am: I make a pot of coffee to fully wake my husband and myself up before our busy days really get started with our children and work. My cat Evie makes her morning appearance, I feed her breakfast and I let her outside to go on an adventure through our backyard.

7:30 am: It’s finally time to wake up my three children. I start off with my oldest son, Henry. I have to convince him to hop out of bed as he’s entering his teen years of sleeping in late and wanting to play on his phone instead of coming downstairs for breakfast. Then I head over to wake up my two younger children, Luke and Fiona. I usually am lucky enough to kill two birds with one stone on this one as they love to have sleepovers and somehow they always end up together. 

7:45 am: Everyone is dressed with their teeth brushed. I have breakfast made and we all sit and enjoy it together before everyone heads out to their activities/school. I make sure everyone’s hair is brushed and all our bags are packed and ready to go. Lunches get made and water bottles filled. 

8:00 am: I get the three kids out the door and we head out to drop everyone off at their school or in the summer camp and activities. 

8:15 am: Every morning after I drop off my kids I head to my favorite yoga class right in town. I make sure to set aside this time for my class every morning so that I can have my personal time to decompress and self reflect before all my daily interviews, meetings, conferences and store front openings. 

9:30 am: I get back from yoga and I start my morning meetings. The start of the work day is when I catch up on any emails that I didn’t get to when I first woke up before the meetings really start rolling in. 

12:00 pm: This is when I usually try to sneak away from the discussions of new storefront openings, upcoming product launches, weekly 1:1’s and take a few minutes to enjoy my lunch time meal. I always try to make healthy salads or light sandwiches that will nourish and fuel my body for the rest of the work day. After lunch it’s back to the work world.

3:00 pm: Everyday I try to schedule into my calendar a 45 minute/ hour break to spend time with my kids when they get back from school. I take this time to help unpack their bags and check in with them to see how their day at school went. I’ll make them a healthy snack and go over their activities/sports that they have scheduled for the rest of the day.

3:30 pm: Kids are out the door to their various afterschool activities and I am back to work in my home office.

6:00 pm: Dinner time! I love to make sure that all my kids have dinner with my husband and I. It’s my favorite time to spend with them and hear all about their exciting days. After dinner we all do an activity, whether that’s swimming in the pool, playing a board game or watching a movie to spend a little extra time together.

7:00 pm: Check homework and offer any help the children may need with their assignments. Reading time with the children.

8:00 pm: I help the kids get ready for bed. We get into PJ’s, brush our teeth and get under the covers.

9:00 pm: I do one last round of checking my emails to see what I can get done before it’s my turn to get into bed and go to sleep. I reflect on my day and how thankful I am for my family!