3 Ways Your Diaper Can Work Harder For You In partnership with our friends at Coterie

Diapers. Such a, ahem, loaded topic. When they’re not totally breaking down on us in the middle of a blowout in the car, they’re serving up a mean case of diaper rash, or waking up our babies (and therefore us) at 2 am because they’re completely soaked. Diapers are one of those essentials that you have to have, but they often don’t quite live up.

Typically, using the wrong diaper is the cause of this unwanted stress and continuous disappointment. Believe it or not, choosing the right diaper can make a significant difference in your experience. 

Enter Coterie, the baby care brand that’s making parents’ lives insanely easier via diapers that actually perform. The fact that they hold more liquid means fewer blowouts, less diaper rash and a better night sleep for all. They’re also paraben, dye and alcohol, fragrance and lotion free, so they’re as pure as a baby’s, well, you know. 

If you’re looking to understand exactly how your diapers can work much harder for you, we listed three ways you can expect just a little bit more from this basic necessity.

Sleep: We know what you’re thinking. How can your babies’ diaper help you sleep longer? Well, think about it. Your baby is soundly snoozing, off in La La land, that is until they poop all over themselves and it leaks out of their diaper, onto their onesie, and all over their crib. Wah for everyone. “A properly fitting, highly absorbent diaper is essential in preventing a baby from waking up in the middle of the night due to wetness,” says Dr. Jill Friedman, a pediatrician based in New York. The more absorbent and the faster wicking, the less time the cold wet liquid spends against the baby’s skin, and the lesser the chance that it will wake them up. 

Skincare: Diaper rash and other gnarly skin irritations are largely due to pee and poop sitting up close against your baby’s soft, delicate skin and is often a reflection of poor diaper absorbency. This red rash all over the butt is uncomfortable to be sure, but in severe cases can lead to fever, and that’s no fun at all. “Investing in diapers that can hold pee in better and are sized appropriately can absolutely reduce the risk of diaper rashes, “ says Dr. Friedman. Look for ones that not only have high liquid absorbency but also wick the moisture away quickly to create fewer opportunities for irritation and discomfort.

Sizing: Finding the right size diaper is crucial is ensuring a proper fit and lessening headaches associated with blowouts. The standard 0-6 sizes are full of inconsistencies, and as we all know, babies can straddle two different numeric values, like constantly. Coterie offers one-on-one, individualized sizing help, on call 24/7. “Finding the right sized diaper is probably the most essential part of diapering,” says Dr. Friedman. “A diaper that’s too small will lead to more leakage and it might be uncomfortable for your baby. A diaper that’s too big won’t do its job and may also lead to more waste escaping through.”

We are thrilled we have discovered Coterie, a diaper that checks all our boxes. Coterie diapers are designed for better sleep, and with the highest liquid capacity of any diaper, even the most active baby has fewer leaks. With these diapers – voila – your life as a parent can actually become much easier. Lesson. Learned. 

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This article was written in partnership with Coterie.