Juanina Kocher Doing yogaJuanina Kocher Doing yoga

6 Mamas On the Meaning of Movement I've got the power.

By Babe | Photo by Arielle Joffe Photography

We’re diving into the power of movement in motherhood with our second released FP Movement X Hatch, a game-changing activewear collaboration designed exclusively for pregnant and postpartum mamas. Here, meet five unstoppable mamas who embody the spirit of this collection as they share how movement has revolutionized their lives.

Juanina Kocher 

Yoga teacher and creator of Flex + Flow Wellness Coaching + Consulting 

Juanina Kocher Doing yoga
Photo courtesy of Arielle Joffe Photography

For me, movement is one of the ultimate forms of self care. I move my body every day. This may mean getting in 12K steps, squeezing in a yoga flow, or simply playing with my kids at the playground. Movement helps me feel my best which in turn helps to ensure I’m showing up fully for my family. Being pregnant with my 3rd, I also know the steps needed towards a successful postpartum journey begins now. Keeping up with my current routines will support me in everything from my birth experience to getting through the exhausting newborn stage and beyond. And your kids are always watching. I love when they see me leading an active lifestyle. As a parent, I know one of the best things we can do for our children is to lead by example. As they grow, they look to us as guides. They see how we do things and how we take care of ourselves.”

Ann Marks

Founder, Full Feedings

Ann Marks
Photo courtesy of Caitlin Mitchell Studio

Megan O’Neill

Associate Beauty Director, Goop.

@adrianmartin on behalf of @saiebeauty

“I love being alive—even in times like these, when reality as a woman in the United States can feel so grim—and the truest way to honor that zeal is to move my body. It can be dancing. It can be the once-a-week strength training session I’ve started up. It can be the Pilates that kept me sane and flexible throughout my pregnancies and beyond. It can even be just endlessly sauntering around Brooklyn on weekends. To move is life affirming and joyful and grounding. I want to be physically strong to raise and protect my children, and because it drips over into feeling mentally strong. I want to look and feel nourished and spry as I age. And I want to feel fantastic naked! Movement is…everything.”

Cynthia Sakai

Founder, evolvetogether

Cynthia Sakai

“To me, movement is everything. Quite literally, when I think movement, I think “keep it moving.” From running my business, taking the dogs for a walk, keeping up with my fast-paced toddler, or stretching and meditating before bed, movement keeps my mind and body working. It centers me and energizes me throughout all aspects of my life.”

Jenefer Palmer

Founder of OSEA Malibu

Osea Malibu Founder

“As a mother and 30-year entrepreneur, I’ve always prioritized creative daily movement to ensure I’m taking care of myself, just as I take care of my children and business. I’ve found a way to integrate movement into anything and everything I’m doing: whether it’s long walks on the beach, swimming in the ocean, or even stretching while I cook or doing hip rotations while I brush my teeth. Sometimes when I clean I’ll stand on one leg and alternate, and when I talk on the phone I’m almost always on my stationary bike or walking. I consider these my beauty hacks, and they’re an important part of my health and wellness rituals as I prepare to turn 70 this year!”