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6 Mamas On the Meaning of Movement I've got the power.

By Babe | Photo by Rachel Nicks

We’re diving into the power of movement in motherhood with our newly released FP Movement X Hatch, a game-changing activewear collaboration designed exclusively for pregnant and postpartum mamas. Here, meet six unstoppable mamas who embody the spirit of this collection as they share how movement has revolutionized their lives. From a yoga practice that transforms a tough day to mastering our inner vibrations, these women prove motherhood is a high-energy sport. Then, explore how FP Movement X Hatch keeps moms looking fierce, whether dominating the yoga mat, living their daily lives, or tackling school pick-up.

Alexis Guss

Founder, The Lex Effect

“Movement is my constant in a chaotic, ever-changing life. Every time I hit my mat I always reflect on how much I’ve done since the previous time that I was there. Movement carries me through it all! Continuing to move throughout my pregnancy and postpartum made me feel like myself during a time when my body was changing every day. I film every time that I work out for my app and I added all by trimester. It’s actually really sentimental looking back on my library and seeing how I was able to move gracefully through each stage of pregnancy and postpartum. My practice made me more in tune with where I was at physically and mentally each day… and kept me gentle with myself… so I was able to meet myself where I was at when off the mat as well.”

Erica Galia and Chelsey Scaffidi

Founders, Rooted Beings

“Since becoming a mother, the concept of movement has taken on a whole new meaning for me. It has become a powerful tool for shifting my energy and supporting me on my motherhood journey. Instead of focusing solely on physical components, I now view movement as a means of accessing higher vibrations, enabling me to show up for myself and Goldie [my child] with greater levels of unconditional love and compassion. Through this shift in perspective, movement has become a beautiful modality for me to express these elevated vibrations in a tangible and dynamic way. I see it as a direct pathway to embodying unconditional love and compassion, allowing me to be a walking expression of these qualities in the world.”

“Movement exists in our inner and outer landscape, from our legs to our lungs, we see movement as a way of connecting to our true nature, born with an intuitive way of moving, it serves as a seed of our existence, clearing the path to more presence and clarity.”

Jessica Rose

“Movement is a sense of freedom that invites curiosity and connection as a way to love up on ourselves and others. Using movement as a form of expression, allows feelings to flow and removes static energy. We’re on this journey towards growth and progress, that will ultimately benefit the collective.” 

Rachel Nicks

Founder & CEO, Birth Queen

“Movement is freedom. Movement is power. Movement is medicine. Every time I move, I am energized and reminded of the benefits and the power movement has on my mind, body, and soul.”

Laura Gilham-Jones

Free People Movement Yoga Teacher

“Movement, to me, is honoring my body each day. Our internal world is different every time we awaken. Asking what my body needs and moving intuitively works best for me. Moving my body gives me freedom, confidence, and a space to create. My yoga mat is my home and yoga has been my most natural way of getting to know my body from the inside out.”