Meet the Mask your Kids Can't Lose Because it’s literally attached to their shirt.

By Babe | All photos courtesy of The Shmask

If we told you last year that a kid’s t-shirt with an attached mask was going to make you really excited, you’d probably think we were nuts. But, with our “new normal,” mid-Covid life comes serious innovation in the world of clothing AND masking. Meet The Shmask, mom Karine Nissim’s new line of  kid’s shirts with a built-in face covering. Yep, just when you thought life couldn’t feel any more foreign comes the new must-have item for your littles.

This uniquely designed shirt features an attached face covering made of soft and breathable fabric, with enough space in the nose and mouth area for kids to breathe and speak easily, and a dip in the back so it can seamlessly be worn or taken off. A bit of spandex allows the shirt to stretch with growing faces and retain shape after wear, and it comes in a variety of basic colors and prints to cater to every taste. The best part? Your kids can’t lose it.