Unleash your Inner Freak But like, cute.

By Babe | All photos by Lickerish Love

For many pregnant women and new moms, the word pleasure connotes visions of worn-in sweatpants, an empty couch and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. But, if we can all take a moment to think back to friskier moments of days past, pleasure might have looked a bit different (aka that night in the bar bathroom. You remember.) At Babe, we’re all about normalizing the maternal experience. Nothing is off limits, not even the lame sex life that inevitably follows becoming a new mom. But there’s a company looking to change all that, and keep it cute, to boot.

Seeing as September is National Sexual Health Month, we’re introducing you to Lickerish Love, a super stylish brand delivering beautifully designed intimate products to lovers worldwide with pleasure, love and self-love at its core. We’re talking wand, rabbit and bullet-shaped vibrators, kegel balls, butt plugs and even a stainless steel and 24-karat gold plated humming style for $4,680. Coveted brands like Lelo, We Vibe and Dame are merched alongside lubricants, clitoral stimulating balms and women’s anal relaxing serums. (Yep, it’s a thing). Particularly for all the moms whose pelvic floors are literally on the floor, these cute, cherry-shaped kegel balls by Shibari are just begging us to give ‘em a whirl. Let Lickerish Love help you unleash your inner freak. We know it’s hiding in there somewhere.