Megan Roup's Approach to Prenatal + Postpartum Fitness The Sculpt Society Mama 2.0

By Ruthie Friedlander

Motherhood is a transformative experience (read: totally bizarre, crazy, wonderful, terrifying, insert adjective of your choice). As our bodies go through the journey of carrying and birthing a child, it’s essential to have the right resources and tools to navigate this transition with joy, ease, and most importantly, proper education. Enter Megan Roup’s newly launched program: The Sculpt Society Mama 2.0.

Following the birth of her daughter, Mercer, Megan has introduced this program tailored specifically for expectant mothers and those in their postpartum journey. We sat down with Megan to learn more about this comprehensive initiative. We learned it is divided into four detailed programs, ensuring that mamas at all stages have easy-to-understand guidance at every step.

Prenatal Fitness Program

The Ultimate Prenatal Fitness Resource: This program is segmented weekly, ensuring that mamas get a balanced mix of low-impact workouts, stretching, yoga, and meditation tailored to their specific stage of pregnancy. New additions include quickie workouts targeting the arms, abs, legs, and booty. There are also 30-minute prenatal slow, controlled classes for early pregnancy, 20-minute prenatal sculpt + full-body sessions, and specialized stretches for common pregnancy ailments. Also, there’s the bonus of prenatal wellness chats and yoga classes to foster a well-rounded prenatal journey.

Prenatal Pelvic Floor + 360 Breathing Program

Strengthen, Lengthen, and Prepare: Megan emphasizes the importance of connecting with the deep core and pelvic floor during pregnancy. This program teaches mothers to prepare their bodies for labor and guides them throughout their pregnancy journey into the postpartum phase. With new classes focusing on labor prep, strengthening the pelvic floor, and managing post-birth conditions like diastasis recti, mamas can safely train these crucial muscles.

Postpartum Pelvic Floor + Core Recovery Program

Gentle Recovery after Birth: Once mamas are ready and have given birth, this six-week program aids in the foundational work of re-strengthening the core and reconnecting with the pelvic floor. Using slow, controlled movements, mothers can deeply attune with their bodies, ensuring a safe and nurturing beginning to their postpartum journey.

Postpartum Program

Rebuilding and Transitioning Back: After completing the core recovery program and getting a doctor’s approval, mamas can transition back to a fitness routine. With an emphasis on the deep core and pelvic floor and low-impact full-body workouts, this program ensures that mothers gradually rebuild strength in a safe and supportive manner.

Additionally, The Sculpt Society has added 100+ new videos to the TSS Mama Program. From detailed exercises to educational content, there’s a wealth of information to help mamas through their journey.

Megan Roup’s focus on the pelvic floor, especially immediately after giving birth, signifies the depth of her understanding of the female body’s needs during this transformative time. With The Sculpt Society Mama 2.0, mamas are not only equipped to stay active during pregnancy but are also supported in their recovery and strength-building post-birth.