You Need These 5 Nursing Essentials us

By Babe

What was your go-to meal after delivering your little one? After expelling all that energy, you were definitely looking forward to a few snacks.

Your baby likely came out hungry too! Aww, your first brunch together. For moms who choose to breastfeed, you’ll likely need a few items to add to your menu (aka wardrobe).

Chances are, having made it this far, you’ve already considered all that the baby needs. Car seat, stroller, crib, never-ending supply of diapers: there’s a lot of new stuff for the baby. 

Baby isn’t the only one getting new things around here! They may be the new object of your complete and undivided attention for the next 18 years at least, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only one who gets the stuff. Mom gets the stuff too. 

And what better way to celebrate this new chapter than by scooping up the essentials  you need, allowing you to care for your newborn comfortably and conveniently. The following five recommendations are nursing essentials that every mom needs. 

1. Nursing Bras for Quick and Easy Feeding

If nursing is the name of the game, nursing bras are simply a must. They’ll keep up with the functionality of most of the other bras in your closet but with features specifically for moms and their hungry babies. 

For example, you might select a bra that’s wire-free, super comfy, and uses a crossover front with easy pull-down and access to feeding. Feed easy, sleep comfy: that’s Dream Feed Nursing & Sleeping Bra in a nutshell. Plus, in four cute colors, you can match style and functionality.

If you plan on pumping or doing a breastfeeding/pumping combo, look no further than The Essential Pumping & Nursing Bra from HATCH. It’s got a seamless design, a nursing clasp with adjustable straps, and discreet slips that open for pumping.

The Essential Pumping and Nursing Bra helps you through your day as a busy mom without having to do a wardrobe change for something like breastfeeding or pumping milk. 

Also, it would be insane to move on without mentioning The Everyday Nursing Bra. With a luxury feel, one-handed clasp, and four different back settings, it accommodates your every motherly move and instinct.

2. Sleepwear for Nursing and Precious Beauty Rest

You may have noticed by now that motherhood can be exhausting. Not that you’re tired of it, but a lot of the things it entails tend to drain you of your energy.

On top of that, you’ve got hormones going in every direction and a changing body. Not to mention, it’s not always easy to get some quality sleep no matter how many polite memos you send your baby.  

Regrettably, there’s not much you can do about it. Most babies don’t sleep through the night for at least the first three months or so. That’s the unfortunate truth, but stay strong; you can do it, Ma! Time to ask for some help from your grown loved ones. 

While you can’t help that the baby will wake up, there are a few things you can do to help your sleep during pregnancy and while nursing. One of them, at least, happens to be fun and easy… and it will make you feel like a chic rom-com heroine.

We’re talking about the Classic Pajama Set and our Organic Pointelle Nightgown

Quality sleepwear should be as easy to love as your baby’s adorable cheeks. It should make breastfeeding a breeze and help you drift off to sleep. Maternity Sleepwear that’s cute enough to wear all day is an extra bonus that is an absolute must.

3. The Nursing Dress: A Staple For Nursing Moms

It’s a staple because they’re comfortable, fashionable, and totally practical. The HATCH Collection features nursing dresses in a variety of styles and designs, each one of them with you and your baby’s utmost comfort in mind. Some of them are nap-worthy, others ready to take Baby out on their first fancy occasion. 

Enjoy a warm afternoon in The Short Secret Nursing Dress, or bring the little one along for a lunch date in The Easy Going Nursing Tee Dress

4. Chill Nursing Clothes For Lounging and Casual Wear

Even though you might be perfectly happy wearing your favorite nursing dress 24/7, it’s always a good idea to have some casual clothes you can rely on.

The best casual clothes will look sharp in the street and be lounge ready as soon as you get home. Casual nursing clothing is no different, except it makes the whole breastfeeding thing way more manageable. 

Back to Basics: Essential Pieces Upgraded for Nursing

A black crewneck sweatshirt can fit into almost any casual outfit you can imagine.

The Side Access Nursing Sweatshirt gives you that essential piece to your wardrobe in a package tailored for your baby bump and discreet, comfortable feeding. It’s got a longer back to account for any belly growth, luxe fleece material with a brushed interior, and snap closures at each side for feeding with ease.

How about an organic Pima cotton long sleeve t-shirt? It may be the new coziest piece in your closet. It looks like a nice, tailored long sleeve shirt, but there’s more to the design than meets the eye.

There’s a second layer at the front that you pull open to access a discreet center slit. Then, Baby can just chill under the second layer and eat their food in their own little feeding tent (also known as “Mom’s cool shirt”). 

Super Leggings for Super Mom

Don’t worry; we’re well aware that leggings are, for many of us, a daily occurrence. That’s why we’re going to let you in on this game-changing reality:

You can wear these leggings before, during, and after your baby arrives. Really, you can. They’re called The Ultra Soft Before, During and After Legging, and they’re everything you could want and more. 

And get this: they’re so stretchy that you can pull the waistband up over your baby bump all the way up to your boobs. (Shirts are so yesterday. Just kidding. Kind of.) 

The Ultra Soft Leggings also roll down super smoothly, so you can wear them lower if you like, which some moms who deliver via C-section prefer. 

5. Self-Care Products

Self-care is essential, especially for nursing mothers. As rare as it seems with a new baby, you definitely need some time just for Momma. Be sure to make it a priority and stock up on the self-care products that will help you make the absolute most out of the precious self-care time you can find.

The Best Cure for Nipple Pain

So breastfeeding is amazing, right?

Like, you actually produce the exact formula and nutrition that your baby needs. And you can feed your baby without really having to buy anything from the store (yet). You always have their food on you, which is great, even if it means carrying some extra weight in your bra. 

But what do you do when your nipples get chapped and sore?

There’s an easy and soothing solution: It comes in a tube called Nipple and Lip Rescue Balm. Treat your tired nips with some of this rejuvenating nipple elixir. It alleviates pain, moisturizes, and fills your skin with nourishment so that you can feed pain-free, and Baby will continue to eat/drink and be merry. 

Soak In a Life-Giving Bath

Moms just need a good bath sometimes. It’s something just for them. You’ll never have to change a diaper there either. 

If you love soaking in a warm bath to clear your mind and relax your body, pick up a jar of Belly & Body Bath Soak. 

A mineral-rich bath soak that’s made from organic coconut milk and Himalayan sea salt blend will nourish your skin and relieve your body from the hard work of being an awesome mom. It’s milky; it’s soothing; it’s simply delightful. 

The unique blend of ingredients promotes muscle relaxation and leaves your skin softer than a baby’s bottom. It’s powerful and caring: just like mamas. 

Prioritize momma’s bath time! Like put it in your schedule and make sure you have someone to watch the little one for an hour or so.

Luxe Nursing Essentials For Every Mom

Pregnant and postpartum moms need a lot of love, support, and a properly filled snack cupboard. Along with those three critical factors, grab the five items on this list for everything you need. 

For every spit-up and every poopy diaper, these essentials help you restore your peace and zeal for life.