Morgan Curtis is Making it Work From design meetings to bath time.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of Morgan Curtis

Morgan Curtis gets the whole “multitasking” thing. As mama to toddler daughter, Lottie and founder of modern sleepwear brand, Morgan Lane as well as a new sustainable cozy-wear brand Cozyland, she has her day timed to a science. Oh did we mention she’s got number two on the way?

When she’s not making scrambled “eggies,” Morgan’s in meetings, scarfing down lunch, taking a self-care moment and back home for dinnertime dance parties with her fam. It’s all pretty darn cute. Here’s how Morgan makes her day happen, one sweet moment at a time.

7:27 am: I wake up thinking my daughter, Lottie, is crying…realize I’m just programmed that way and there’s nothing but silence, stare at my phone till I am “allowed” to go wake her at 8 am according to our recent sleep training procedures we were taught. I know it’s bad to look at your phone first thing, but I like to see what orders people have placed overnight and I work with a lot of overseas factories that need quick answers in the morning.  

7:57 am: I sneak into her room, she knows it’s me. “Is that a mama?” Lottie asks. I scoop her up and smother her with kisses. 

8 am: I take her into our bed for snuggle time while her sippy cup of milk gets warm. We are wearing our favorite matching Cozyland elephant pajamas and the sunshine is coming through the window in the best way. I deeply cherish this moment because she used sleep with us every night until very recently. We used a sleep trainer that I highly recommend, changed our lives completely. I secretly miss her in the bed though. Ha! 

8:15 am: I go to brush my teeth and say hi to my soon to be baby boy in my huge belly, who is now significantly sticking out from my pajama top. He looks enormous in the mirror and is kicking me to say hello back.  

8:20 am: I make scrambled “eggies” with Lottie. I let her mix the eggs and throw the pieces of cheese into the pan, it is the only way she will actually eat anything besides bread. My husband makes the coffee. We both need to rush out by 9 am for work. 

8:45 am: I do my last minute routine after a quick shower. Cocoa butter on the belly, Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench on my face, Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray in my hair, and Vitafol Prenatal gummies in my mouth! 

9 am: My office is only an eight minute walk from our apartment, so I like to leave with Lottie and her nanny in the morning and walk them to the park on my way to work. We always walk by this beautiful fountain near our house. Today it is particularly glorious and I give Lottie a little spin in our matching Cozyland sweats before heading off to work.  

9:30 am: I have a design meeting with one of my lovely employees Kelly, who helps me with the creative for our collections. Even though we now have two big brands, we are still a small team of four strong, inspiring women full time at the company. We are going over “Drop 3” of Cozyland and choosing designs and Pantone colors. 

10:45 am: I run out to catch Lottie in her ballet class at Dance with Miss Rachel a few blocks from my office. She is spectacular as always. I love having everything so close by because I miss her so much throughout the day. 

11:30 am: I stop at Joe and the Juice on the way back to the office for a Power Shake and an Avocado Sandwich that I save for later. It has become my new obsession. Somehow I am always getting free stuff on the app and I am satisfied throughout the day. I also can’t resist the pink packaging. 

12:11 pm: I start working on a new print for the AW22 Morgan Lane collection. This is my favorite part of what I do. I start each season with a theme and create a watercolor that turns into a print and later gets printed on silk. The theme for this collection is forbidden fruit.  

1:12 pm: I head over to our design board for the Pre-Fall 2022 Morgan Lane collection to get a sample status update on when they will be arriving from the factory. My head is spinning after reviewing three different collections for Morgan Lane and Cozyland in one day, but that’s the way fashion calendars work, you are always thinking about multiple drops at the same time that are in different stages of development in order to stay on time with your deliveries.  

1:58 pm: Our Candy Land x Morgan Lane collaboration photoshoot is happening nearby at Pietro’s in Nolita. I walk over there to check on the styling, hair, and make-up. The girls seem to be having a great time and it is going well! I leave my sister Sophie in charge, who is art directing the shoot. It blows me away how talented she is. It is such a relief to have someone I trust this much involved in my creative. She put the whole shoot together for me! 

2:45 pm: I head over to a trunk show I am having in my good friend, Sofia Karvela’s, store Wknd Nation in Soho. I throw on a Morgan Lane pajama top and snap a selfie. It just started hailing outside, just my luck! 

3:10 pm: I quickly eat my avocado sandwich that I got earlier and hop on the train to go all the way uptown to my OBGYN for my 32 week appointment. The baby is looking at me on the ultrasound machine and smiling!  

4 pm: I stop at Bespoke Brows on Lexington Avenue for a much-needed eyebrow wax. It costs $27 and you get a free one every few visits, it’s a great deal for an exceptional job. Best of all, I am in and out in less than 10 minutes.  

5:05 pm: I walk in five minutes late for the nanny because my train had “extensive delays.” I hate when that happens. The craziness of my day immediately wipes clean when I hear Lottie’s little feet running around the corner to greet me at the door.  

6:07 pm:  My husband, Tom, is making dinner while I am having a dance party with Lottie to her favorite Frozen songs. Tonight he made “Tommy’s chicken” which is small pieces of chicken cutlet with panko bread crumbs, and a side of peas and mac and cheese. It is delicious and just what I wanted. 

6:35 pm: Bubble bath time for Lottie. She loves the bath so much it is hard to get her to come out when she’s done. I get her back in her Cozyland jammies. She reads a book to me first, then I read one to her. I put her to bed by 8 pm and she miraculously now falls asleep within 10 minutes on her own, I never thought this would happen, life-changing. 

8:26 pm: I make a bath for myself, light a candle, and reflect on my day.  I usually get distracted though and start organizing Lottie’s bath toys. Organizing things is one of my most successful methods of meditation for some reason. It helps me to relax. 

11:30 pm: After catching up on a few episodes of Only Murders in the Building with my husband, we finally get to sleep. I am beyond exhausted, but also so excited about what was created today and can’t wait to see Lottie’s little face again in the morning. Goodnight!