tenoverten's Nadine Abramcyk on Self-Care at Home Hint: coconut oil, brown sugar scrubs and baths.

By Nadine Abramcyk | Photo by @_minta_maria_

As a co-founder of luxury nail care and clean beauty brand tenoverten and a dear friend to the peeps at HATCH, Nadine Abramcyk knows a thing or two about self-care. More so, she’s known for having a killer DIY, all natural regimen that we can emulate at home with a simple trip to the pantry. So, in the spirit of quarantining, we asked Nadine to hook up some pointers on maintaining self-care in the age of Covid, and how she manages to squeeze it in amidst the million other things on her plate. Because we all deserve a little moment to ourselves.

So, Nadine….given that we’re all in quarantine, and many of us are working, homeschooling and 24/7 parenting, how do you sneak in the time for self-care? Do you maintain specific routines as in you practice self-care at specific times of day? Or does it fluctuate day-to-day?

It’s such an interesting time to be alive, right? My definition of self-care pre Corona has sort of flown out the window and the stillness of this new normal has really forced me to take a look at what’s a real contributor to my overall well-being. That being said, there are some things that have stuck and others that have flown by the wayside.

I know, for example, that if I don’t get some sort of movement in, first thing in the morning, that I set myself up for a less productive day and I simply won’t get it in. I need that energy boost in the morning to carry me through and shake off the sludge from the night. Whether it is a long walk around the neighborhood, a quick jog or streaming a fitness class…it can come in any form and doesn’t require sweat. The other thing I know about myself is that my digestion and gut health are huge contributors to how I feel in general so I never go without taking a probiotic along with some other supplements that are especially good for my makeup each morning. This is typically followed by a large green juice or smoothie if I am feeling I need something more substantive in the morning. During these times, it has been harder to get fresh greens so I have resorted to a combination of frozen greens and chlorella tablets to supplement where needed. Needless to say if I don’t do these three things in the morning – movement, supplements, and juice, then they likely won’t happen. And that’s OK because tomorrow is a new day.

Legs up the wall before bedtime helps with blood circulation and is a nice way to force yourself away from the screen and into a relaxing mindset.

What are the essential self-care rituals that you have not sacrificed, even during these troubling times? What are your can’t-live-without moments, techniques, products? What have you let slide and even given up on for the time being? Is there anything you’ve totally let go of in the age of Covid-19?

When I have the time for real self-care rituals, the thing I cherish the most in these new times is a bath. A simple one, with no fancy soak, just plenty of epsom salts and a palo santo stick to burn nearby. This has been my most cherished self-care ritual during quarantine. I also can’t live without my gua sha stone. While salons are closed and facials are a thing of the past, this simple tool and five minutes are incredibly relaxing and release a great amount of facial tension almost immediately. I’ve had to say goodbye to facials, lymphatic drain massages, workouts in heated sweat-inducing rooms but will hopefully get back to those one day. The ritual I have rediscovered is a simple legs up the wall before bedtime. It helps with blood circulation and is such a nice way to force yourself away from the screen and into a relaxing mindset. I cherish sleep now more than ever.

Can you recommend 5 self-care recipes or techniques using everyday items from the pantry or around the house that women can source without having to purchase or go buy?

  • A simple cuticle and hand scrub using a teaspoon of brown sugar in a tablespoon of olive oil creates the most divine paste that exfoliates your cuticles and hands leaving them feeling softer than ever.
  • Apply coconut oil to your heels at bedtime for smooth feet that make you feel like you haven’t missed a pedicure.
  • A DIY face mask that I like is made up of equal parts honey and oats with 1/2 avocado.
  • Kate Bock has the most insane hair and posted her DIY hair mask which I tried and loved – it is an egg white, juice of half a lemon and 2 tbsp of honey. Apply on hair and leave for 30 minutes before showering.
  • And because I’ve been getting inundated with questions from friends on at-home nail care and this has come up several times, if you need to treat a nail fungus while stuck at home, apply tea tree oil, which is naturally antibacterial and really works when applied daily for several weeks.

For those of us who can’t seem to fit in self-care, do you have any advice on the most effective and efficient way to get there? 

Start with five minutes and find the thing that resonates with you the most. Whether it’s waking up to a warm cup of water with lemon while sitting down with yourself and letting your mind wander for a bit, or throwing your legs up the wall while putting your kid to bed, or even once a week making a date with yourself to plan something you enjoy that just takes care of you and no one else. It doesn’t have to be huge. Consistency in whatever it is matters much more.

How has self-care impacted your general outlook during these stressful times?

I feel more aligned with myself and patient when I practice even the smallest moments of self care. I use that as a touchstone during these stressful times to remind myself of what matters most, our health and family. That fuels me to get up everyday with a renewed energy to emerge from this pandemic brighter for myself and all others that I come in contact with. If I didn’t take quiet moments with myself each day, I am sure my mind would be more scattered and my days would feel even more overwhelming. Simply put, self-care helps me gain perspective.