pregnant woman wearing a belly sheet maskpregnant woman wearing a belly sheet mask

Don't Forget Yourself: 7 Pregnancy Self-Care Tips

By Babe

There’s a lot to take care of during pregnancy. There’s a literal new life to prepare for. There are also an endless amount of things that others tell you that you should be doing. And we are not here for that mom-shaming nonsense. 

What about doing something for you? Not something that you have to do, like go to work with a crazy pregnancy headache so that you can get up from your desk to pee every 10 minutes. 

This list of seven pregnancy self-care tips focuses on the things you get to do. Everything on this list is healthy and productive for you and the baby, of course. These activities are also enjoyable and uplifting for Mama. Especially when your literal center of gravity is off, it’s time to prioritize balance.

Self-Care for Mama: Get Your Nutrition 

First things first: eating for two.

You’ve probably heard this a million times by now, but that’s because it’s absolutely essential. During pregnancy, part of your self-care routine has to be getting the nutrition that you both need

In addition to the foods you eat, you might also consider using vitamins and supplements to supplement your intake. However, make sure to consult your doctor beforehand. 

Another tip for your pregnancy self-care routine for nutrition is to enjoy an indulgence every so often. Make it a double scoop if you eat ice cream: one for you and one for the nugget.

Self-Care for Mama: Stock Up On Sleep

Along with nutrition, sleep is critical for the health of you and the baby. You’re going to be tired from all that comes with pregnancy. Still, it may be challenging to get a good night’s sleep. This comes with changing hormones, a growing belly, and natural pregnancy stressors. 

But sleep is needed. Much needed. You know this, and chances are you feel it.

As part of your pregnancy self-care plan, consider a bedtime routine. A bed routine might consist of putting away your phone, putting on relaxing music, or lighting a soothing candle. Set aside a moment dedicated to winding down and preparing for a good night’s rest. 

If you’re still having trouble sleeping, take a moment to reflect on how to help put those causes to rest.

For example, shifting hormones might result in extra skin sensitivity, making your go-to PJs your new nemesis. Consider adding new sleepwear to your rotation, like an organic cotton nightgown: super soft and super stylish.

Self-Care for Mama: Stay Active

For most pregnant moms, exercise is not only okay but recommended. Talk to your doctor about the best kind of exercise for you. 

With this in mind, make part of your self-care routine include some exercise that you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be too strenuous; you’re not training for the Olympics here. The key is to get some healthy activity in, which can benefit your energy levels, sleep, and mental health during pregnancy. 

For a super comfortable workout (and for basically any activity you can think of), grab a pair of ultra-stretchy maternity leggings that can be over or under your belly bump. To stay fresh during and after exercise, look no further than the all-natural, pregnancy-friendly deodorant, Mama Clean Deo.

Self-Care for Mama: Do Things You Love

Add some fun into your pregnancy self-care routine by prioritizing what you love to do. You may be aware of this already, but once the baby arrives, you won’t have quite as much availability to do as you please. That’s why it’s essential to enjoy activities you love during your pregnancy. 

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are you an avid bowler? Is a weekend with your girl gang overdue?

These are the things you can do during your pregnancy and feel great about. Keeping up with activities you enjoy can boost your energy levels and mental health. Routines offer a sense of normalization during unusual or challenging periods. 

Perhaps a mani-pedi sounds like your idea of a good time. You definitely should while you’re pregnant! While you’re at it, you can establish an at-home pampering routine using these amazing Belly Masks from Hatch. 

Yes: they’re facials for your baby bump! It’s super relaxing and will help moisturize your skin and help reduce the appearance of any stretch marks or scars that may come with pregnancy. In addition to the mask, you can use Hatch Belly Oil for the ultimate belly care experience. 

Self-Care for Mama: Find Quiet Time

A huge part of your self-care routine should be getting some quiet time in. Even if it’s just ten or fifteen minutes each day, a little quiet moment by yourself can go a long way. 

Research shows that spending quiet time by yourself can help provide better energy, self-awareness, and a multitude of other benefits that you want to have, especially during pregnancy. 

Quiet time comes in many different forms. Some people might prefer to go for a morning walk by themselves to help them wake up and clear their heads before the day starts. You might prefer to meditate or pray. Perhaps you want to read, journal, or draw. 

Whatever it may be, choose what works for you. If it seems like too much of a task to dedicate ten to 15 minutes, give yourself grace and aim for just five minutes. 

If you can step aside from the noise of the world and all the many to-do’s and responsibilities that you have, even for just a few minutes, there’s a good chance you’ll start feeling refreshed more frequently. 

Self-Care for Mama: Communicate With Your People

Communication is essential for functioning as individuals as part of a larger society. During pregnancy, stay connected to the people who care about you. 

No matter how strong and independent you are, it’s nice to have people in your corner. This is especially true during a season of life that might be a little challenging. You might face pregnancy tiredness, hormones flaring up in every direction, and all the other lovely emotions.

Communicate with your people! If you’re lucky to have people in your life who care about you and your baby, let them know that you care about them as well. Update them on how the latest doctor visit went. See if they have availability to come over and visit with you, meet for lunch, or go shopping with you for baby essentials. 

Communicating With Doctors

The doctors working with you during your prenatal care are a huge resource for you. Try to be open with them and discuss how you’re doing. Ask them as many questions as you can think of during your doctor visits, and make sure that you have the right phone numbers to call in-between visits as well. 

They are the pregnancy professionals, and it’s their job to help you out throughout the pregnancy. 

Communicating With Your Partner

If you have a partner who is co-parenting with you, communication between the two of you is crucial.

As partners, communication is one of the main ways to support one another. Remember that even though you’re the one carrying the baby, they have another role in the pregnancy that may have its own challenges; this may be a good topic of discussion. 

If you stay up to date with your partner and each of you communicate your needs throughout the pregnancy, it will help with the transition and help the two of you strengthen your bond while it’s still just the two of you (or the two of you plus the other kids). 

Self-Care for Mama: Prepare for the Baby

A baby is a lot to prepare for, even if you’re just talking about everything that needs to be ready for when you return from the hospital.

Cribs, stroller, car seat, the right wall accents for their first-ever room… It’s wild to think about the number of nice gifts that the baby is getting that they won’t even notice right away. 

However, don’t feel as if you have to get it all done at once. Incorporating a few baby preparations as part of your personal self-care routine might save some stress in the long run.

Make a list of the stuff you need, cross off the goodies that you’ll get from registries, what you already have, and just try to do what you can little by little. 

Pregnancy Self-Care That You Look Forward To

Instead of looking at all the responsibilities that come with pregnancy as one overwhelming duty, you can get action items done by splitting them up into small tasks as part of your regular routine.

Before you know it, you might have a baby room set up, a nutrition routine that you enjoy, and a bun in the oven that’s fully cooked and ready to meet you.