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Nursing Tops Everything You Should Consider Before You Buy

By Babe

It’s a Sunday morning, and you’re prepping for the day.

Maybe you’ll go to the farmer’s market, or the beach, or maybe you’ll visit your built-in babysitters — er, we mean parents. However you choose to spend your weekend, you’re still a mama with a hungry baby. 

Nursing your baby can be a beautiful, bonding experience. And if we’re honest, It can also be a tiny bit of a nuisance when you’re out and about, on the go. Especially if you forget to wear the right top to get the job done. 

In order to avoid a Mean Girls cut-out tank top moment, you’ll probably want to keep a good stock of nursing tops at your disposal. Luckily, there are enough options that got you covered (and uncovered).

If you’re looking for some guidance as you shop for your nursing tops, look no further. We’ll tell you everything you need to know. Go ahead, mama. Text your friends back about brunch… you’ll make it this time.

Nursing Dos & Don’ts

Like we said, nursing can be beautiful, but it can also be stressful. We’re not here to mince words. There’s always a lot to consider as a nursing mother, and we’re here to help. If you find yourself ever confused or overwhelmed, just remind yourself of some helpful dos and don’ts. 

Here are our fav breastfeeding tips and advice

The Dos

  • Do stay hydrated and up your water intake. Hydration helps keep you focused and can even improve milk production. Scientists recommend about 12 cups of H2O a day. It sounds like a lot, but hey, your skin will probably thank you too.
  • Do try to eat a nutritious and balanced diet. Nourishing your body with all the proper nutrients gives your baby a nice meal too. It’ll help both of you to feel good.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t ignore pain. Breastfeeding might take a little getting used to, but it shouldn’t be causing you pain. If it is, you’ll want to call your doctor or lactation consultant for some guidance.
  • Don’t get locked into a routine. Maybe you’ll need to switch from the cradle hold to the football hold. Maybe you’ll need to add some pumping sessions. The only constant is change (and diapers. Always more diapers). 
  • Don’t get too discouraged! Breastfeeding isn’t always consistent, but it can be worth getting adjusted to if you’re up for it. You can handle anything, mama. You just made a baby! 

At the end of the day, we know you’ll figure out your own perfect rhythm. And once you do, you’ll be even more excited about your nursing tops that make it all that much better. 

All the Intimate Deets

Now that your baby is in your arms and you’re already nursing, you might be thinking less about pregnancy side effects. But there are definitely still a few postpartum experiences that you’ll want to take note of to help keep you and your baby happy and healthy in the early days. 

People often refer to this period as the “fourth trimester.”

Here are a few of the most common changes and experiences to expect during this period:

  • Physical discomfort as your body adjusts to postpartum life — those nine months were no cakewalk.
  • Hormonal fluctuations might affect your bodily functions and mental health. Make sure to tune into your needs as much as your baby’s, mama! No matter how cute they are… and they are dang cute.
  • Continued swelling, but it shouldn’t last forever! Try a luxurious swell relief cream in the meantime.
  • General breast pain isn’t uncommon (but should always be monitored).
  • Some bleeding and spotting in the first few weeks postpartum. Nothing you haven’t seen before, mama.

Top It Off

Now that you’re feeling confident and excited about your new nursing lifestyle, let’s get to the really important stuff: clothes. We’re only partially kidding (kinda).

Let’s get into it, mama. Check out our guide to buying nursing tops. 

What Are the Best Comfy Nursing Tops?

If you’ve just come home from the hospital or simply feeling like laying low and taking it easy, you’ll want to have the right nursing top for lounging in at home. This can mean opting for something loose, uber-soft, and more functional than fashionable.

We would suggest something like the 24/7 nursing tank or Jersey Nursing Tee from HATCH Collection. The tank is perfect for sleepless nights that transition into sunrise cuddles with your brand new babe. The nursing tee is perfect for a well-deserved all-day TV marathon. 

For an even cozier option, we know the perfect thing. The Early Days Nursing Sweatshirt is big, loose, and poses no obstacles to feeding. It’s like a wearable, breathable blanket. Yep, it’s naptime for sure.

What Are the Best Fashion Nursing Tops?

After a few weeks of sleepless hibernation, you’re ready to venture outside of your mama bear cave. It’s totally okay to take baby steps–even going for a walk to run some errands is commendable. Please, buy the chocolate bar. And the $15 kombucha.

Consider the balance of comfort, function, and fashion to strike during the transitional phase between the fourth trimester and early motherhood. We think it’s best to stick to high-quality fabrics with classic and modern silhouettes.

For something casual and cute, try a Nursing Henley Top. If it’s chilly outside, upgrade your wardrobe with an updated sweatshirt: like the Side Access Nursing Sweatshirt from Hatch.

If you want to add something a tad more dynamic to your look, you can also try a striped, layered nursing tee. It’s amazing what a pattern can do for an otherwise simple outfit (all while hiding any breast milk leakages).

What Are the Best Patterned Nursing Tops?

Is it time to ditch the slippers and slip into something that dazzles? Did the sound of margs and gossiping with your closest friends sound too good to pass up? 

Ditch those worn-in tees. It’s time to step it up. Not only will you feel chic, but wearing a nursing top that is a little more elevated will also help you feel more aligned with your next chapter. You know, the one where the protagonist (you) has it all. 

Obviously, by “has it all,” we mean having time for friends and for nursing. And our first favorite top has got to be the Hatch Collection’s Secret Nursing Top in floral print.

You can wear this top anywhere, and it’ll work. Dress it up or down with a simple change of shoes, and you’re ready for anything (including impromptu Instagram photoshoots with your mom friends).

What Is the Best Nursing Top for Working?

The weekend’s over, and so is maternity leave. You’ve been working from home on a pitch you’re really excited about, and you’re finally back in the (virtual) boardroom.

Boom: The Back In The Game Nursing Top. With a sleek V-neck, you’ll be able to look sharp and log off for an immediate feed. 

There’s no need to compromise your professional life and image if you don’t want to. Plus, if you work from home, with the right camera angle, you can still wear your sweatpants. 

Why Should You Get a Nursing Jumpsuit?

If you’re busy, you might want to consider a better catch-all option. Sometimes life can’t be perfectly scheduled. Until you clone yourself, you might find yourself hopping from one thing to the next.

Rather than giving yourself anything extra to stress about, you can optimize your day’s flow by lessening the number of decisions you need to make. Namely, make one less decision when getting ready by opting for a nursing outfit that covers your top and bottom. 

Yes, they exist: nursing jumpsuits. The whole rodeo, baby. Getting yourself a high-quality nursing jumpsuit means ease, comfort, and function, all without sacrificing your effortless style. 

Our number one pick for the perfect start to finish ‘fit is the Back In The Game Nursing Jumpsuit from Hatch Collection. This one features a beautiful V-neck with a double layer that allows for easy nursing access, made of linen and Tencel for a classy feel. 

A nursing jumpsuit can take you from the top of your morning to the end of your night. But, if the jumpsuit is your favorite part of your day, there is a nursing jumpsuit for nighttime too. 

Okay, so technically, it’s a onesie. Now you match your baby!

Nursing, Made Simple

Let’s be real; nothing about pregnancy, postpartum, or motherhood is all that simple. But something like getting dressed can be. With the right nursing tops to suit your lifestyle, you can simplify at least one thing in your busy schedule. 

Whether you’re still sharing slow and tender moments with your baby at home or hitting the town again to see friends and run errands, there is a nursing top that can meet your needs and make you feel 100% fabulous.