The 9 Items You Need for a Day at the Beach with Babe Because it's soooo relaxing.

By Babe | Photo by Christina Marie Arza

Well it’s officially summer and we can’t think of a more inconvenient, un-relaxing way to celebrate the season than with a trip to the beach with your baby. They’ll get super hot, they’ll eat some sand, and they’ll get sunblock in their eyes, but it will all be worth it because you’re going to put them in that ridiculously cute bathing suit you got when you found out you were pregnant and stashed away for nine months. Just remember, you don’t need to recreate their entire nursery on the sand, but rather you’ll require a few key items necessary for a seamless day, minus the poop explosion on your Turkish towels.

Photo courtesy of Cerebelly.

EASY, HEALTHY SNACKS: Fear not the wrath of the hungry babe! Cerebelly is here to rescue you (and your little one’s hankerings). These pouches are THE solution to your beach food woes: easy to pack and contain no preservatives so that you can them bring on the go and not worry about refrigeration until after opening. The reusable cap ensures babe can do a quick sandcastle build mid-snack, and, like all Cerebelly products, each pouch contains essential nutrients for brain development crafted from whole food ingredients.

HATCH SUNNY MAMA SPF: This pregnancy-safe mineral sunscreen nourishes your changing hormonal skin with soothing, antioxidant-rich botanical extracts while protecting it from 99% UV rays. Its fast-absorbing broad-spectrum formula helps fend off stretch marks and scars while giving your skin a boost of nourishing hydration — so you can keep doing you.

An Essential Sun Hat: You’ll need a cute sun hat, and they’re not all created equally. We love the Water Repellent Adventure Hats by Jan & Jul. Its UPF 50+ hat styles offer all-day sun protection, which reduces the need for sunscreen application (especially for those under six months), and thanks to the Bionic Finish® Eco DWR coating, the hat shrugs off the water with ease. Not only is this coating biodegradable and free from fluorine, but it’s also 100% kid-safe too. No washing off, no fading – just enduring sun protection.

Beach Toys: Beach toys come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on your babe’s age, they’ll either play with them all day or completely ignore them altogether. We’re partial to anything convenient to schlep across the beach, so this Click N Play 18-piece set has enough variation so your child won’t try and steal other kids’ toys, and they’re easy to carry, to boot.

Beach Tent: This ultra-lightweight, UPF 50+ beach tent features an easy, one-minute setup and thoughtful features like pockets for holding sunscreen and toys. It’s also fully open in the front, and the added roll-up windows on the sides allow for extra ventilation and views. Now, if only your babe will stay in there.

Beach Wagon: With its massive balloon tires made for beach cruising, a wide telescopic handle, and marine-grade aluminum,  Mybeachcart’s Foldable Beach Cart makes hauling beach gear a breeze. We love that it can handle up to 165 pounds of crap and features an oversized zippered mesh bag for all your wet stuff. The best part is that when you’re ready to go home, the cart folds flat, and the wheels quickly deflate so that you can shove it in your closet until the next beach jaunt.

Hooded Beach Towel: Splish splash in and out of the water with these Mini Mori’s pure organic micro cotton towels that’ll keep your babe high and dry. We love the super absorbent fabric that helps regulate their body temperatures after a dunk and various colors and animal prints to keep it fun and super cute.

Reusable Swim Diaper: Protect accidents, provide optimal coverage, and look adorable with these reusable swim diapers by I. Play from Green Sprouts. Whether you’re into the topless Speedo look or a full bathing suit, I Play’s got you covered with breathable, absorbent, and waterproof swim diapers with a triple-layer design and wicking liner that’s breathable against babe’s skin. The inner absorbent layer helps protect against messes outside the pool without puffing up, while the waterproof outer layer works with the snug-fitting waist and legs to offer secure protection from accidents. 

Wet Bag: How else do you think you’ll be toting wet bathing suits home after a day at the beach? A proper wet bag, like this minimalist style by Wander & Perch is ideal for transporting anything you wouldn’t want in your proper beach bag, or even just your set of keys, a wallet, a phone, or anything you don’t want getting wet.