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The Ultimate Postpartum Hair Loss Prep Registry Guide Pssst: Nutrafol is the MVP of this list

By Babe | In partnership with Nutrafol

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The pregnancy glow-up: More blood is rushing to your vessels, giving your skin that perfect flushed look, and changes in estrogen levels are prolonging your typically lackluster hair growth phase, giving you a thicker, more luxurious mane. You’re practically twins with every woman that has ever been depicted in a Baroque painting. 

And then the baby comes! And just like that, your luscious locks disappear. It seems like a fair trade, right? In exchange for Gisele-like hair, you get an infant that keeps you up all night and spits up all over your favorite striped tee!

The postpartum hair loss journey is real and can be jarring and emotional. The hormones during pregnancy that keep hair growing longer and thicker have dropped, causing a shift in the hair growth cycle which causes shedding.

But have no fear: Babe and Nutrafol are here. “Hair thinning is one of the most common and frustrating issues that women experience in the postpartum stage of life,”  Dr. Anne Kennard DO, FACOG, Dipl-ABLM, San Luis Obispo, CA tells Babe on behalf of Nutrafol. “I’ve worked with thousands of women who experienced postpartum hair thinning, but never truly understood the weight of it until it happened to me.”

Follow for your ultimate prep kit to get through postpartum hair thinning. We can’t take it away entirely, of course, but we can do a few (chic) things to ease the shift.

This article was written in partnership with Nutrafol.