The Ultimate Baby Beauty Registry Your babe deserves self-care, too.

By Danielle Halibey | Photo by @kytebaby

Okay, so obviously we hope that our little ones are light years away from skin cycling, contouring with Gua Sha, and asking for some iteration of glazed donut nails—but we’re still all for making self-care a priority and instilling its importance from a young age. Starting with infused spa water for babies… So, be it bubbles in the tub, poncho towels after bath time, or bamboo and goat hair bristle hair brushes only, whatever their fave indulgence comes to be, maybe by embracing their “me time” now, you can somehow thwart all the attention-seeking toddler years? I mean, one can dream… 

We’ve done the research (and by that, we mean we’ve stalked a bunch of our favorite baby brands for the cutest and absolute best-performing products in the baby-beauty world; mmhmm it’s fun) to round up the best grooming and bath essentials with serious beauty influencer vibes. 

If one or two happen to end up in your cart, at least you can say that you’ll use them too. That’s the thing about baby beauty products, because they’re designed for the most delicate and sensitive skin, they’re usually chock-full of natural and/or organic ingredients that are safer and better for you. What works for baby works for mama, too. #twinning