Outfits Made For Breastfeeding (Literally) From on-the-go to on-the-couch.

By Babe | All photos courtesy of HATCH

Whether you’re breastfeeding, pumping, or bottle-feeding, we get it — it’s all hard. It’s why our dear friends at HATCH have gone above and beyond in crafting the ultimate 4th trimester essentials. Brimming with nursing-friendly features, such as hidden overlays, secret slits, and easy-to-open ties, these outfits are all about letting you strike the perfect balance. 

Amidst the whirlwind of 3 am wake-ups, surprising guests (can we get a heads up?), and the looming thoughts of rejoining the workforce, here’s a chance to feel a touch cuter, a tad more chic, and so much more you. Dive into these specially curated outfits that will make your breastfeeding journey a tad more stylish.

Gone are the days of wrestling with your t-shirt during feeding times. This long-sleeve nursing tee is crafted from the plush embrace of 100% organic Pima cotton.

Its smart design features a second overlay at the front that smoothly opens up to a discreet center slit, ensuring those quick, easy-access feeds. Whether you’re lounging at home or out for a walk, this tee has your back.

The button-down, a wardrobe staple, just got a postpartum twist. This lightweight cotton shirt from HATCH marries functionality with style. It boasts a crisp collar, a flattering inverted pleat at the center back, and stiff banded cuffs. 

What’s more, its bias body, gusset piecing, and strategically notched hem adapt beautifully to your changing shape, making it the perfect nursing top for those who swear by the classics.

Who said jumpsuits weren’t breastfeeding-friendly? This rendition is all about offering style without compromising on function. Crafted from the softest cotton, it adorns a delicate pointelle pattern. 

But what truly sets it apart is its easy feeding access. Oh, and did we mention the handy front patch pockets? 

These are ideal for stashing your essentials, be it a pacifier or your favorite lip balm. Whether you’re feeding, catching some Zzz’s, or running errands, this jumpsuit urges you to simply slip into it and shine.

Meet the dress that’s all the rage in the postpartum world. Made from luxurious French terry fabric, it offers a relaxed yet flattering fit — but what truly makes it shine is its nursing-friendly neckline, ensuring hassle-free feeds. 

It’s perfect for those first steps out of the hospital or even those lazy afternoons when you’re dozing off on the couch with unexpected visitors dropping by.

Simplicity meets luxury. This isn’t just any nursing tee; it’s a symphony of comfort and style. Designed for those moments when you desire effortless elegance, this tee promises seamless feeds. 

With its top layer that effortlessly lifts for nursing or pumping, the buttery-soft touch of Pima cotton feels like a comforting hug every time you slip it on.

Every mom deserves a touch of everyday luxury. Enter the Rib Nursing Henley, a postpartum wardrobe’s crown jewel. Designed with both style and function in mind, it features a functional snap placket front and an elegant v-neck design. 

The real show-stealer, however, is the ultra-soft rib knit fabric. Once you experience its cloud-like embrace, you might just find yourself living in this shirt dress.

Few things compare to the comfort of a trusty sweatshirt, especially during those early, whirlwind postpartum days. Tailored with breastfeeding in mind, this French terry sweatshirt boasts a sublime slouchy fit that’s just perfect for those initial weeks post-birth. 

Couple that with its deep V-neck and fleece-lined design, and you have the quintessential sweatshirt for postpartum and beyond.

Dressing up while juggling a newborn can seem daunting. But with The Softest Rib Nursing Tank Dress, it becomes a delightful breeze. Its buttery-soft rib knit fabric swishes around you, promising unmatched comfort. The snap placket front ensures quick and fuss-free nursing or pumping on the go. 

Whether you’re in your pregnancy, postpartum phase, or well beyond, this dress effortlessly straddles the line between function and style.

Your casual days are about to get a luxe makeover. This innovative piece combines the snugness of a hoodie with the ease of a jumpsuit. Made from soft French terry, it’s designed to be perfectly mid-weight, ensuring you stay cozy without the risk of overheating. Thoughtfully designed features like a nursing-friendly front snap closure and an elastic drawstring waist make it a dream for both expecting and new moms. 

Whether worn above or below your bump, the tapered jogger leg and roomy pockets promise a look that’s both relaxed and polished — a godsend for those days when sleep seems like a distant memory.

Say hello to a revamped classic that effortlessly caters to the unique needs of motherhood. This updated sweatshirt flaunts a longer back, gracefully accommodating your blossoming bump. 

Crafted in luxe fleece and brushed inside, every inch of it feels heavenly against the skin. And then, there’s the pièce de résistance: the ingeniously designed nursing-friendly snap button closures at each side. A simple yet game-changing feature that makes feeding sessions smoother than ever.

Smart Styling Tips for Nursing Moms

We get it — every mama wants to look effortlessly chic while ensuring those surprise breastfeeding sessions don’t turn into a game of Twister. Here are some smart tips to make sure your style game is top-notch:

Nursing-Friendly Fabrics Are Your Best Friends

Pick nursing clothes that are soft, stretchy, and easy on your skin. Trust us — you’ll thank your stars every time you slip into a comfy maxi dress or a pair of leggings that make nursing access as smooth as your baby’s cheeks.

Layering Is the New Black

Layering isn’t just for fashion magazines; it’s a nursing mom’s secret weapon. Layering a nursing tank top under a cozy pullover or cardigan? You’re now ready to feed your little one without giving everyone a show!

The Bra Revolution

Invest in nursing bras that fit you like a dream. These are not mere pieces of fabric but the foundation of your daily comfort. Look for best sellers online, read reviews, and don’t be shy to hit checkout when you find the perfect one.

Versatility Is King

Why buy separate maternity clothes when you can invest in pieces that transition beautifully from pregnancy to postpartum? Look for wrap dresses, shirt dresses, and midi dresses that suit both stages.

Swimsuits and Beach Days

Yes, moms, you can hit the beach, and yes, you can do it in style! There are fabulous swimsuits out there designed with nursing moms in mind, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on fun or fashion.

Accessorize With Care

While we all love a good statement piece, you may want to avoid long, dangly necklaces that might tempt those tiny, curious fingers. Instead, opt for simple and elegant accessories that won’t become the baby’s new plaything.

The Lounge Life

Loungewear is not just for lounging. From nursing hoodies to sweatshirts and camisoles, these pieces combine comfort with a look that’s laid-back yet polished, perfect for running errands or enjoying a well-deserved day at home.

Colors and Patterns Matter

Opt for versatile colors like navy blue and go wild with patterns that make you smile. Whether you’re rocking florals, stripes, or plaid, patterns can add a pop of vibrancy to your wardrobe.

Don’t Forget the Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is not just about nursing directly. If you’re pumping, make sure to have clothing that allows for easy pump access, too.

Make a Style Statement at the Baby Shower

Your baby shower is a celebration, and you’re the star! Look for stunning maternity dresses — like The Ricky Slip Dress — that make you feel like the beautiful mom-to-be that you are.

Return Policy

Always check the return policy, especially for items marked as final sale. Make sure you have the flexibility to return or exchange if something doesn’t fit right.

Wrapping Things Up

Alright, mamas, here’s the deal: diving into the deep end of motherhood doesn’t mean your fashion game has to take a backseat. HATCH has got you covered, stitching together style and substance like pros. 

So go on, strut your stuff, revel in the world of HATCH, and remember: you’re rocking this mom gig. 

Need a boost or some style inspo? Look no further than Babe by HATCH — your support system for pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond. Let’s make this journey as chic as you are!