Pamela Tick The free spirited DJ puts a cool girl spin on pregnancy style.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of Pamela Tick

To say that Pamela Tick is working the bump might be an understatement. All you have to do is peep her rockin’ Instagram page to see that Pamela considers her growing belly a major accessory in her overall cool girl style. And we are here for it. We sat down with the fashionable DJ, free spirited style icon and mama-to-be to talk pregnancy: from the crazy cravings, to the 10 mile walks, to the cozy moments in-between.

How are you feeling?

It’s been really smooth. I feel lucky – from the first trimester it’s been kind of a breeze for me. Before I found out, I was a little nauseous and tired. I thought, hopefully it’s not Covid! I took a pregnancy test and got a positive, which made sense. But I’ve been able to work out, I’ve had a lot of energy. I would actually say the third trimester is when I felt the most pregnant and tired. So right now, at 32 weeks, all I want to do is workout but then I think, do I have it in me? I just want to lie down and put my feet up and just chill.

Do you know what you’re having?

We’re not finding out the sex. It wasn’t like I set out not to find out. I probably thought the opposite but a little time went by and I was able to do the blood test. I got a phone call from the doctor with the results. We were in the Hamptons during the summer, so I kind of felt like, well I’m not rushing back to New York City to find out. Anytime I was in the city, I wasn’t near there or needing to make that my priority. I tie it back to my style. I’m old school and I’m choosing gender neutral for everything. My friends thought I was crazy. But I don’t dress myself in pink onesies anyway, so it doesn’t feel like I need a tie dye pink onesie! Everything I wear is white, beige, tan, chocolate, or black. That’s how we do things.

Do you think you know what you’re having?

I’ve definitely gone back and forth based on Google. I love reading, like “What do you crave more?” ”What does your body do?” At first I thought it was a girl. Now I think it’s a boy. I go back and forth. I’m also craving everything so it’s hard to narrow it down. But I do know it’s one or the other!

Do you have a “birth plan?”

I’ve been calling it a “birth wishlist.” I’m having a regular hospital birth. I’m not planning on getting any medication until I absolutely need it, or if it’s needed. That’s as far as it goes. I’m writing it out a bit and learning about the vaccines they give, the drops they use. The whole spiel. But I’m definitely doing a hospital situation.

How about your cravings?

It’s funny because I was wanting to have so many food aversions, but once I got pregnant, there was nothing I didn’t want. You name it, I crave it. For the first two months coffee wasn’t doing it for me. I honestly drank between 3-4 cups a day. I was obsessed with my oat milk latte in the morning and iced coffee in the afternoon. That was just my jam. And since I got pregnant, I can’t have hot – no hot drinks did it for me. So I switched completely. I got iced matchas every morning and then, after the first trimester, I was like, well I miss coffee. Then I got back into it.

Now in my third trimester, I’m pretty grossed out by chicken. I’d rather eat fish, shrimp and steak. I’m definitely craving fruit every morning, as well as avocado and honey and peanut butter. I love yogurt with granola. Cooking has been something I’ve taken on the whole time. I feels nice to make my own meals. I’ll make a nice Greek salad. It hits the spot.

Can you share your path to pregnancy?

I love when people ask, were you trying? We weren’t not trying, but we weren’t trying. It wasn’t something where we must get pregnant now. We were kind of like, if it happens, it happens. I tracked my ovulation once and was like, let’s get to business and it worked. I feel lucky about that.

What are your thoughts on achieving work/life balance as a new mom?

My job is ever changing. A DJ gig comes up maybe twice a week and I make it work, always. I’m also shooting a lot for social media. It doesn’t feel like I’ll need to put a stop on my work and I won’t do that until I can feel what it feels like to have a baby. Every month of this stage is different. If I need something, I will give it to myself. I won’t force it. That’s also why I’m jamming in as much as possible now. I also feel like work keeps me sane and busy and distracted and I love what I do. If I can DJ something from 6-9 pm for a fashion event, and my husband can work from 9-5 pm, we’ll be covered. But who knows? I’m winging a lot of it. I’m a free spirit anyway.

Any self-care rituals that have gotten you through?

A warm bath at night was my favorite thing in the world those first few months. I’d look forward to them and use bath salt, essential oils…. I love to make it a moment. I’d listen to music, light candles. It was my zen situation. Now I’m getting more tired. I’ll get some work done and take a nice walk again. I made it a priority to walk at least 4-5 miles a day if not more, from week 7 to 27. I definitely would get my walking in. I didn’t always feel like I could do a dance class but I could definitely put my headphones on and get lost and walk the city. There were days I’d walk like 20,000 steps, or 10 miles. It was a way to feel not pregnant, just still like myself, only with a bump.

Let’s talk style. How did you approach pregnancy dressing?

I saved some inspiration photos in my Instagram over the years, like a pair of oversized jeans rolled over with a Calvin Klein bra. Simple looks but knowing in my head I’m not a girl buying a ton of maternity clothes. In the beginning, it was a question of how long can I stay in my jeans? Once my jeans were too small, I went to Ryan’s jeans. At 20 weeks, I was like OK, your jeans don’t fit anymore. I dug into some HATCH leggings and a great bodysuit. Whenever I put those pieces on, I always felt very cool. 

The whole summer my belly was out. I’d wear oversized jeans and a mini crop top. I always made sure people knew I was pregnant and happy about it and proud of my belly. I was in a bikini most of the summer. My bump is my best accessory. If I’m not rocking the belly, I feel like a beached whale.

Pregnancy has been a time when I’ve felt the sexiest and wanted to embrace it. At times I’ve been scared of what my body is going to do or be, but also holy sh*t! It’s so magical that our bodies can even do this. So I was embracing my body and wanted to show it off during such a special time. I’ve been pregnant mostly in the summer. Now I’m leaning into a new season and seeing where that takes me.

I’ve been scared of what my body is going to do or be, but also holy sh*t! It’s so magical that our bodies can even do this.

What have been your go-to pieces?

A vintage pair of Levi’s where I don’t even button the top. I roll them. CK sets, the bra. I love a good robe. I love my HATCH pieces – this ribbed black bodysuit. A jumpsuit and dress when I wanted to dress up, maybe with a leather jacket. I’m more attracted to items that feel cool and sexy without trying.

What’s been the biggest challenge in dressing for pregnancy?

Before I actually popped, that was a hard point just because I was growing and getting bigger, but not obviously pregnant yet. It was that weird, in-between moment, like oh, I just went up two sizes in jeans. I don’t look pregnant, I just feel bloated. It was a moment of how do I embrace the best version of myself and not like I’m losing myself? But then I realized whenever I showed my belly, it was something for me to talk about, and people would start to catch on.

What can’t you wait to wear after you give birth?

I’ve tried to look at my body as an ever-changing beautiful structure, one that will go back or be better and stronger than ever. I also think that the last few months have been hard. I don’t think I ever went on a scale before getting pregnant. Then, every time I’m at the gynecologist, they’re like hop on! It’s hard. I’ll be like, OMG the baby only weighs three pounds?? What’s the other 20 pounds then? It happens so quickly. But it’s amazing what the body is capable of doing. I’m choosing to be optimistic – that I’m creating a human and holding it inside of me. So of course my body is changing and there’s nothing cooler than that.

What are you hopes for your child?

I hope for a better future in terms of what the world looks like right now, and I hope motherhood will come naturally to me. I think it will, based on how I was raised and how much I love kids and always wanted to be a mom. And I think my husband will be the best dad. It will be a big change. But it’s fun. We just sit there like, who is our baby? Who are we making?