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The Definitive Guide To Postpartum Clothes

By Babe

Finding stylish postpartum clothes that fit flawlessly and are comfortable to wear can be hard to come by. Carrying a child for nine or more months and giving birth to a literal human being should be more than reason enough for brands to prioritize clothing designed to accommodate postpartum mamas. 

Building a solid postpartum wardrobe is a fun way to be prepared for that next season of your life and create space for you to find pieces that you truly love and would wear beyond your time healing and nursing. If you’ve been wondering if you should get some postpartum clothing, this is your sign that yes, yes, you should!

When it comes to postpartum clothing, you will want both comfy clothing that you can lounge around in, as well as stylish staple pieces that will make you feel beautiful and unstoppable (until it’s time for a well-deserved nap).. 

Here are some prime finds in the top postpartum clothing categories:

Casual Nursing Friendly Tops

To start off, you’re going to want some casual, neutral-colored tops that are lovely for lounging around the house and can also be worn with a pair of cute jeans or shorts. Grabbing nursing-friendly tops for us mamas who breastfeed is essential come the fourth trimester. We need to be able to successfully and conveniently feed our babies anytime or place.

Tank tops are optimal for these post-baby-in-belly summer months when the temperature continues to rise, and you happen to be dealing with all those fluctuating hormones. While your body is trying to regulate itself and becomes accustomed to no longer being pregnant, you can experience intense waves of feeling really hot.

Do yourself a solid and grab the softest rib nursing tank. Not only does it come in three colors and easily unsnaps when your baby is hungry for the 50th time, but it also looks super cute paired with a pair of joggers or a soft cardigan.

Another simple yet innovative shirt you are going to want on hand and body is the luxe nursing tee. This t-shirt is double layered to allow you to pull up to nurse your baby without your bare tummy showing. This allows you to breastfeed more discreetly and looks like a typical t-shirt!

If your baby is due later in the year when the temperature begins dropping, you’ll want to put a quality postpartum sweatshirt on your wishlist. The side access nursing sweatshirt is (you guessed it) a nursing-friendly sweatshirt that looks great on and feels even more amazing on. 

This warm cozy top is perfect to wear to those evening bonfires where it can get a little chilly or at night when you want to get extra snuggled up with your baby and partner. Pair it with sweatpants or maternity jeans, and be the coolest new mom on the block.

Dresses… Because You Can!

Postpartum clothing does not need to only be about what is the most practical and functional. If that were the case, we’d just hang out in hospital robes the entire time. You need some super cute (but also non-restricting garments) during your postpartum period that are so chic that your barista will ask where you got them.

You should always feel beautiful and celebrated. Helping you find dresses that are functional for “mom life” and make you feel confident is our goal. Whether you are looking for maxi dresses, short dresses, solid colors, or fun prints, there are options for you to choose from. Not all the dresses in your closest might be breastfeeding-friendly, so let’s talk about the ones that are:

Short Secret Nursing Dress

The short secret nursing dress is a cute summer dress ideal for breastfeeding and tolerating those warmer days. This white daisy-patterned flowy dress can be worn right after giving birth since it doesn’t hug your body. This silhouette allows you to easily nurse using the secret slits located in the chest area that are accessible through simple snaps.

Smocked Secret Nursing Dress

Another iconic dress for the summer is the smocked secret nursing dress. This adorable purple gingham patterned flowy below-the-knee dress is unique and will have you looking exceptional throughout the season. Great to wear to picnics and lake days, this dress also features our famous secret slits for easy and convenient nursing. 

Nursing Tank Dress

Since us mamas love options when it comes to our wardrobe, here is another fabulous option to consider. The softest rib nursing tank dress is a subtler style that comes in three colors and offers the same softness that you get in our softest rib tank but is in dress form. This unbutton-down dress makes nursing a breeze and is made of breathable materials, ideal for those warmer days.

Did Someone Say Pants?

Yes, you can find comfortable pants to wear postpartum that you will love and recommend to every expecting mama you know. The over/under lounge pant are the softest, most breathable pants that are buttery smooth on the skin. C-section-friendly pants are a go-to pick in those early postpartum days where all you want is to be comfortable.

Postpartum Leggings

Having more fitted pants, such as the ultra soft before, during, and after leggings are incredible for extra support. These stretchy, breathable leggings will fit no matter what stage you’re in: pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum. Who knew the perfect support leggings existed?

Postpartum Shorts

If you’re looking for some stylish shorts that are cute enough to wear out but cozy enough to lounge in, then the softest rib shorts are the move. The shade citron adds a fun little pop of color to your post-pregnancy wardrobe.

Nurturing your style is one way to care for and connect to yourself while most of your time is spent caring for and supporting your baby. You’re doing great, mama, but you deserve a little love, too! 

Let’s Not Forget Jumpsuits

No item of clothing should be left out when it comes to the best postpartum clothes, including jumpsuits. These forever stylish pieces will not only look adorable but offer easy access when needing to breastfeed your baby.

The back in the game nursing jumpsuit can be worn any time of day. Dress it up or dress it down to achieve any look you are going for. The three color options available give you a wide range of possibilities to do wonders with this jumpsuit. Its double-layer chest slits are designed for practical on-the-go nursing or pumping to make your life easier.

A more flowy, lightweight jumpsuit is the 24/7 feeding jumpsuit. This breathable one-piece outfit is super cute and a more casual option. With its full-size pockets and button-down front, you can easily store items in your pockets to free your hands and easily nurse when needed. 

Yes, Postpartum Pajama Sets Are a Thing

You can be prepared for postpartum all the way down to your PJs. Achieve the ultimate level of comfort when it comes to your sleep. 

The pointelle nightgown is hands down the cutest little nightgown that comes in an array of colors. Its extra soft fabric is extremely stretchy, giving you the ability to easily pull down the top to nurse. This is fantastic for those middle-of-the-night feedings since you don’t have to unbutton it while you’re half awake.

If you’d rather have long sleeves and pants, then you’d love the new mama sleep bundle. This PJ set includes a pair of cozy cotton sleepwear, with supportive high briefs and our skin-to-skin bra. Luxury sleepwear never felt better than in those early postpartum days.

Postpartum Bras & Underwear Are A Must

Postpartum clothing that you wear for the world to see is obviously important, but so is the clothing underneath that no one can’t see. Your bras and underwear should be just as functional and purposeful as that cute postpartum dress you wear.

The everyday nursing bra is an excellent option as it’s wireless, extremely soft, and easy to adjust and unclasp when going to feed your sweet baby. Available in eight colors, you can find and choose a new and exciting pattern for every day of the week (Because we all know that moms work eight days a week).

The dream feed nursing and sleep bra is the perfect postpartum bra to wear throughout the night when you’re nursing so often. This nursing bra is buttery soft and easily pulls down to allow you to breastfeed without any inconvenience.

The everyday brief is your luxury postpartum underwear with a double front layer offering extra protection. With seven colors to choose from, you can find a matching pair to go with your everyday nursing bra.

Get Started Building Your Postpartum Clothing Collection

Let’s be real, mama: postpartum can be challenging at times. Your body is going through so much healing and adjusting. With all the ups and downs that can come from this season of your life, there are always steps you can take to take care of yourself and make yourself feel more like yourself. 

Your clothing is an expression of who you are. It tells the world a little more about yourself, so don’t compromise the opportunity to confidently express yourself just because you are in a season that can be uncomfortable.

Embrace this season of motherhood you are in or about to be in by choosing pieces of clothing to wear that make you feel beautiful and radiant. Your glow can last longer than those pregnancy months. Shine just the way you are by wearing clothing that feels great on and makes you look like the best version of yourself.