Postpartum Hair LossPostpartum Hair Loss

3 Myths Debunked About Postpartum Hair Loss & Haircare From our friends at Prose

We teamed up with our friends at Prose to give you the 411 on all things related to that postpartum hair struggle. And let’s be honest: the struggle is real. Since we first heard about it, we’ve been recommending looking into Prose’s Root Source hair supplements as an affordable (under $50!) solution- not only because it was created by moms that get it, but because, science. Here, our friends at Prose debunk three postpartum hair loss and hair care myths. 

Myth 1: There’s nothing you can do.

It is totally normal to feel a sense of hopelessness at this time. You’ve been through 9+ months of pregnancy, you’re negotiating a new life with an infant, and now, hair woes? How on Earth are you supposed to conquer that? But here’s the scientific truth: Postpartum hair loss is real, but there are things you can do. Talk to your doctor, who can, at the very least, offer you a digestible explanation regarding what is happening and why. Additionally: simple hairstyle changes, supplements, or accessories can shift your look if you’re feeling a little confident.

Myth 2: You need an arsenal of products.

Both yes and no. Truth: nothing will stop you from postpartum hair loss, but with small changes, there’s significant growth. One thing to always remember: ingredients matter when it comes to creating a regrowth plan and keeping your hair healthy.

Prose’s Root Source has ingredients with sustainable, traceable sourcing, are plant-based, vegan, and do not target your hormones. There are no synthetic fillers or additives, no artificial flavoring or coloring, and none of that yucky drug stuff like finasteride and minoxidil. You can count on every ingredient having a job to do and doing it. And get this: In rigorous clinical testing and in-house study, participants saw results over 90 days:

  • 93% saw improved hair growth**
  • 91% saw reduced hair loss*
  • 90% saw reduced hair breakage**
  • 90% saw improved hair appearance**

Myth 3: “I’ll Never Come Back from This!”

Just like no one’s pregnancy journey is the same, your postpartum hair loss experience will be very much your own. There is no “one size fits all,” which is why Root Source is the best solution. You can customize your beauty routine solution with Prose and examine all the factors that affect your hair thinning, like your diet and environment.

*Double-blind clinical study vs. placebo related to our proprietary blend performed on 60 subjects during 12 weeks. 

**Results of a 3-month in-house study of Prose 2-step hair growth program performed on 69 subjects. Results may vary.

This article was written in partnership with Prose.