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This Postpartum Hair Loss Solution is Under $50 Plus, it's vegan & cruelty free.

If you are looking for advice on what to do when it comes to postpartum hair loss, Marie Mignon, VP of Research and Development at Prose Haircare, is the perfect sounding board. (Side note: did you know that all the chemists at Prose are women—and many are mamas?)

If you’re struggling with postpartum hair woes (and if you’re postpartum, you are almost definitely struggling with hair woes), we highly recommend looking into Prose’s Root Source™ hair supplements as an affordable (under $50) solution. Not only because it was created by moms that get it, but because, science. 

“Root Source™ is a 2-capsule hair supplement system that addresses multiple factors that affect hair loss to help balance the scalp and improve hair health and growth,” Mignon tells Babe. It’s designed to be taken daily and within a few weeks of use, your scalp should feel more balanced and hair should start feeling softer and stronger. Some Prose Root Source™ users even noted growing stronger nails thanks to their supplements. While results may vary, consistency and commitment will yield better results. It can take 3 months to start noticing new baby hairs forming, but good things come to those who wait (as all moms know).

Also chic: it’s made entirely from clean, vegan, plant-based ingredients backed by clinical results. No soy, nuts, gluten, GMOs, synthetic fillers or additives. No artificial flavors or colors. No drug ingredients like finasteride and minoxidil. Root Source™ also doesn’t target the DHT hormone system, which other natural options like saw palmetto can do. As with many things postpartum, we always recommended consulting with your doctor first, before adding a new supplement into your routine.

How does this hair growth supplement work, you ask? “The first personalized capsule is filled with a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and antioxidants that target your specific root cause of thinning hair and promote a balanced scalp.” Mignon details. The second capsule is a soft gel made of a proprietary blend of ingredients called PureCatalyst™ that stimulates the hair bulb to grow faster and hold tighter.

Some ingredients you may find in said custom supplements? Saffron, turmeric, zinc, hibiscus, or spirulina—all known scalp-balancing ingredients. So whether you’re needing something calming, purifying, or hydrating, Root Source™ has ingredients known to target your needs. 

“Our ingredients have been specifically selected to target any source of hair shedding, hair thinning, and to promote hair growth,” Mignon explains. “Our very own consultation covers more than 80 parameters that consider scalp and hair types, goals, needs, lifestyle factors, and more.”

Led by two in-house scientists in collaboration with external experts (like a board-certified dermatologist), it took 18 months to develop the formulas behind Root Source™. That’s an entire pregnancy, plus some. So, as mamas looking for postpartum hair loss solutions, make sure to check out Prose’s Root Source™ and go out and live your best postpartum hair life.

This article was written in partnership with Prose.