Woman holding Mixhers product.Woman holding Mixhers product.

Your Liquid Gold for Pregnancy and Beyond Meet Mixhers

By Ruthie Friedlander

Ever find yourself wondering why Mother Nature gifted you with those monthly mood swings, bloat, and cravings that seem to scream louder than a colicky baby? Ever glance at the universe and mutter, “Really, Mother Nature.” Well, Jess Toolson did. After birthing twins (yeah, two bundles of joy at once), her monthly rendezvous with Aunt Flo took a sharp turn from disruptive to debilitating. Jess’s questions and quest for relief led to the birth of another kind of magic: Mixhers.

When Jess’s usual go-to remedies, like Netflix and a pint of ice cream, didn’t do the trick, she found herself knocking on the door of Cody Sanders. Cody, a modern-day potion master with over 25 years of expertise in holistic health, had answers. But not just any answers; she had the natural answers Jess was seeking.

Together, Jess and Cody conjured up Hertime, Mixhers’ crown jewel. What is it, you ask?  A delightful daily drink mix, Hertime is crafted to balance those pesky hormones and give your uterus the peace treaty it’s been asking for. It’s like a happy hour cocktail for your hormones, without the dreaded hangover. Unwelcome guests like monthly cramps, mood swings, and bloating? They’re shown the exit.

Mixhers is no flash in the pan; Utah Valley BusinessQ dubbed them the “#1 Startup to Watch” in 2022. And why wouldn’t they? Mixhers is not just a company; it’s a revolution. A movement built by women, for women, looking for answers to their unique hormone health journeys.

And what part of a woman’s health journey is more exciting and overwhelming than pregnancy and becoming a mother? Sifting through prenatal and postnatal products can feel like navigating a maze of diapers—confusing, overwhelming, and, honestly, where’s the exit? 

Enter Herbaby, the trailblazer in the world of pre and postnatal supplements. Forget hard-to-swallow tablets and sneaky gummies stuck at the bottom of your purse. Herbaby is leveling up the game, one sip at a time.

Why a liquid delivery system, you wonder? Because speed is the name of the game when it comes to nutrient absorption. If our bodies were a concert, liquid delivery would be the VIP pass — front row, no waiting. Your body can’t groove to nutrients it doesn’t soak up, after all. And Herbaby ensures every drop counts!

Oh, and morning sickness? That unwelcome guest who seems to love an early AM surprise visit? Herbaby’s got your back. It’s crafted to soothe those nauseating waves, ensuring you can greet mornings with more “Ah!” and less “Ugh!”

As you navigate the post-birth whirlwind of baby giggles and late-night lullabies, Herbaby is still there for you. It lends a hand (or sip) in postpartum recovery, making sure you’re not just surviving but thriving.

So, darling mamas, let’s toast to a drink that supports both babe and the superwoman that is YOU.