Priscilla Tsai's Beauty Cabinet Confidential The cocokind founder dishes on her favorite products.

By Babe | Photos courtesy of Priscilla Tsai

The cocokind founder and postpartum mama of two (her newbie arrived last month!) opens up on the products, regimens, and wellness routines that keep her looking and feeling amazing. Hint: she gets high on her own supply by dousing herself in skincare from the conscious beauty brand she founded in 2015 that’s rooted in sustainability, transparency, and inclusivity. Other than that, it’s bathing at night, a little HATCH MAMA love to keep her mama and baby-safe, and finding low maintenance ways to do “a little bit often.”

On Priscilla’s overall beauty philosophy….

I would say my beauty mantra is “a little bit often.” Whether it’s about skincare and the ingredients that I use, or who I am with my makeup. I keep it a little bit more simple and try to make it as adaptable into my life and routine as possible. 

On her beauty routine while pregnant with number 2….

It’s been a lot more of having to get ready in a matter of minutes every day. And so, I keep it “a little bit often.” I’m all about just keeping it really, really simple on a daily basis. Makes it easy!

On her skincare regimen:

I get asked a lot about my skincare routine and what it looks like when I’m pregnant or postpartum. “Pregnancy glow” has not been a natural thing for me (I have to work for it!).

Typically, I cleanse with either water or cocokind rosewater toner on a reusable cotton pad in the morning. I find that a splash of water and rose water on a cotton pad ensures there is no build up sitting on my face, but also prevents me from overdoing it – especially if I’m pinched for time (which I usually am). 

I then go in with cocokind turmeric illuminating solution. This exfoliating product has been such a savior for me during my pregnancy, and it’s gentle enough for me to use it regularly. I even have been using this product on my belly and body to avoid congestion / breakouts, which was a major thing I dealt with last pregnancy.

‘Pregnancy glow’ has not been a natural thing for me.

I’ve been using our postbiotic acne serum (which has 1.5% BHA – considered safe by my doctor during pregnancy). When I feel a breakout looming, this does the trick. Additionally, both morning and night I use our vitamin C serum with sea grape caviar then ceramide barrier serum. You definitely don’t have to do this, but I’m big on the antioxidant protection and brightening from the vitamin C serum, plus the instant hydration and suppleness I get from our ceramide barrier serum.

To finish off, I use our texture smoothing cream or a lab sample of a deeper moisturizer that we’re launching later this year (!!!) followed by our daily SPF. SPF is so important, but especially during pregnancy to prevent the worsening of melasma.

On her makeup routine….

When I’m wearing makeup, I keep that even simpler. I use the Fenty Beauty Eyeliner and Sunnies Face Blush. If I want more, I’ll go in with the Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation, Tower28 Illuminating Cream Bronzer and Sunnies Face Fluffmate Lipstick if I’m not wearing the cocokind Tinted Lip SPF. I think I’m genuinely a makeup minimalist. I gravitate towards makeup products that are really easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert and you can apply them all really easily without a lot of room for error. 

At night, I typically use our oil to milk cleanser 3-4x a week and AHA jelly cleanser on the other nights. When I use the oil to milk, I will apply a generous amount to my dry skin, gently massage off any makeup, then rinse the milk off with water. I typically store my AHA jelly in the shower, so I’ll cleanse my face as the first step in my shower routine. After applying our revitalizing eye cream, I typically use a lab sample of our deep moisturizer or one of our oils (either the chia oil or watermelon hemp oil) at night. The chia oil is richer than the watermelon hemp, so I’ll choose one based on what my skin is needing.

On her hair….

For my hair, I use a hair rinse that we’re currently testing (👀) on the non-shampoo days. For my shampoo days, I use Kristin Ess’ The One Signature Shampoo and Conditioner. Speaking of showers, I’m a big shower at night person, and it coincides with my son’s bath time. I use the Necessaire Body Wash when I shower. I also take my vitamins at night during dinner – that’s when my husband reminds me to take them! I like to carve time out for a bath on the weekend – also at night. I’ll use the Hatch MAMA Belly and Body Bath Soak to make it feel as luxurious as possible after a long week.