Yes, You CAN Take a Bath While Preggo With these simple (and safe) tips.

The bath has long been considered a luxurious pregnancy ritual for centuries – from the mikvah to the water birth. But all a nervous mama-to-be will read on Google is everything that could possibly go wrong! The truth it, taking a bath is a totally safe preggo activity with incredible benefits like easing aches and pains (hello, lower back and round ligament pain), reconnecting with your growing babe and enjoying a few minutes of much-needed “me” time.

“There is zero harm in taking a bath,” says Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, an OBGYN based in Stamford, CT. “What women actually need to avoid is a hot tub or anything that’s elevating their core temperature. The minute you get into a regular bathtub, the temperature is getting incrementally cooler every millisecond and so your core temperature will not rise and therefore you’re totally safe.”

SO take that bath, mama and enjoy it! But if you want more information on how to make it super duper, fool-proof pregnancy-safe, read on for some tips and tricks and making your bath experience a luxuriously happy one.

Watch the Temp. 

Don’t make the water too hot (ie stick to 99 degrees or lower, which means your skin shouldn’t turn red at the touch. If that’s too vague for you, get a bath thermometer to put you at ease that you’ll use with babe later.

Go Fragrance Free. 

Don’t use irritating products that contain chemicals, fragrance or other irritants. The last thing you need is a yeast infection in pregnancy or another reason to get nauseated! 

Add Your Vitamins. 

DO add in some nourishing ingredients to ease aches and pains and soothe dry, itchy hormonal skin, such as Mama Calm belly and body bath soap. We personally love the coconut milk and Himalayan sea salt.

Keep It Short. 

Your pregnancy bath might be more of a 10 minute sesh versus your old 30 minute romp in the tub. But that’s all you need to get a little relief, and it’s great practice for finding those small moments for you post-babe!

Get Comfortable. 

Take extra steps to make the bath a more comfortable experience for your changing bod. You might want to line the tub with a towel or pad, and grab a neck pillow to help as you grow and shift.

Support Your Balance. 

Make sure  your towel or robe is ready for your close by on the other side because you have less balance while you’re pregnant. Take it slow while stepping out!

Happy bathing!