Can a Supplement Increase Your Sexual Pleasure? Rae Wellness says, “Oh, yea, baby!”

If we were to suggest a supplement to buy based on brand-story alone, Rae Wellness would likely be the one. After watching her own attentiveness to wellness drop off, co-founder and mother of two Angie Tebbe left her corporate job at Target to pursue a more holistic goal: to create a brand that provided women an accessible and affordable way to prioritize their health.

Meet Rae Wellness’ In The Mood Capsules; a twice-daily capsule that intended to “stimulate” and “fuel” your desire.

“There are many factors that affect libido,” Dr. Meredith Kapner, MD, FACOG, who has no association to Rae Wellness tells us. This, among other things, may include your own relationship with your S.O., stress, hormonal changes from pregnancy, birth control pills, and breastfeeding. “Libido can change [anytime] our body image changes,” she explains…like, say, after giving birth for example. 

So, can a supplement actually help you want to “get it on”?

Thanks to a mix of blood flow supporting ingredients and stress reducing adaptogens, there is reason to believe that this one can. Blood flow, you see, has more to do with your sex drive than you may realize.  

Helping increase blood flow can cause your vagina (and more importantly your clitoris) to become extra sensitive, leading to lubrication.

According to Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, OBGYN and co-founder of Tribe Called V: “There’s an entire feedback mechanism where physical stimulation of your clitoris will cause your vagina to lengthen, soften and secrete.” She continues: “If you are continuing to increase blood flow to your genitals by stimulation you are probably continuing to trigger that feedback response to your brain. That entire loop can encourage you to want to continue to be more sexually active. It’s the notion of “sex begets more sex.” 

Rae wellness in the mood

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This article was written in partnership with Rae Wellness.