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Roma Patel is Making It Work One superfood protein at a time.

Meet Roma Patel.

Roma founded Tejari out of a need for healthier on-the-go foods for her growing family. As a working mother of two young boys, she finds herself constantly moving between work meetings, swim classes, more work meetings, and bedtime. Oh, and somehow meals have to fit in there! After years of working in the corporate world for companies like Coca-Cola and NBC Universal, Roma saw a clear need for a better, on-the-go protein blend that was good for the planet and harnessed sustainable materials.

Thus ushered in Tejari, a clean, organic protein powder with no added sugar or preservatives. Roma worked with food scientists and nutritionists to develop the superfood protein blends, which can be used in smoothies, sprinkled on yogurt or pancakes, and mixed into baked items like banana bread. The blends contain real dehydrated fruits and vegetables and superfoods like cinnamon and turmeric – all organic and absent common allergens, gums, and other unnecessary additives.

Here, she walks us through a day in her life.

Heather Carraway Photography | Atlanta Baby & Family Photographer

5am: Before the rest of my family wakes up, I start the day with warm lemon water and 30 minutes to myself without any technology. This allows me to breathe deeply and feel centered before the day begins. Within this time, I also create my to-do list, which helps me prioritize daily needs and review school calendars.

5:30am – 6:30am: When I lived in Florida, I hired the most amazing personal trainer. Once I moved to Atlanta, I couldn’t imagine my life without her—so, we now work together digitally two times per week. When I’m not with my trainer, I hop on my Pelton three times per week and spend plenty of time outdoors during the weekend with the boys. Saturday morning hikes and Sunday afternoon bike rides are a staple in my household!

6:30am – 8:30am: This is what I like to call ‘beautiful chaos.’ As soon as my boys wake up, I can always expect the morning routine to be filled with at least one tantrum. Once we get past that, we sip on some smoothies (like these!)—one batch for me and my husband, and one for the kids. We’ll usually pair them with a side item like eggs, oatmeal or 4-ingredient banana oatmeal cookies (you have to try this recipe—you can thank me later!). On Sundays, we focus this time on meal prep and meal planning with the kids, which makes them feel involved. It’s a great educational moment to talk about fruits, veggies and protein!

8:30am: Time for school! We have two school drop-offs, so my husband and I divide and conquer. After that, we take our dog for a walk around the neighborhood or to a nearby park.

9 am: The work day begins. As a small business owner, I wear many hats, so it’s essential for me to prioritize my day. I usually have most of my meetings in the morning or use this time to catch up on emails. Next, I block off two hours to fulfill any Tejari orders that have come through (Yep, I’m still the one who packs the boxes!). I try to include personalized notes when I can, and you can always find me listening to some John Mayer while I’m packing. This can be the most fulfilling, yet demanding part of the day. It’s such a treat to see orders come through—especially from returning customers!

12 pm: Lunch time. Usually, I’ll make a quick salad and whip up a simple Tejari yogurt bowl on the side, complete with fresh fruit and granola—like this one! I also like to break away and take our dog on a walk for 30 minutes. It allows me to reset for the day and get some much-needed vitamin D!

3 pm: On most days, this is what I consider my ‘wrap up’ work hour. I close out emails, go through final packages for the day, and, yes, text our UPS guy to see what time he’s coming. We’ve actually become friends with our UPS drivers (hi Travis and Mike!), so they always check in throughout the day on shipments. We value their work and support so much! 3 pm also means that I’m headed out the door to pick up the boys—they participate in sports and clubs every day of the week after school, so evenings can be very busy for us.

6 pm: Family dinner time. More important than anything else in my life is cooking and eating together as a family. We talk about our day and ask the boys something they learned. Not only does it encourage conversation, it’s so fun hearing about all their little adventures! As we wind down for the day, we end the hour with bath time and reading books in bed.

7 pm: Self-care time. Our house is quiet at this hour, so we take our dog Bella on her last walk for the day. My husband and I like to catch up during this time, and then I like to take a relaxing bath—this has been a life-changing ritual for me since the pandemic began. I’ve also been loving something small for dessert, like these Tejari brownies or frozen acai bites. It’s the little things that make a big difference in my day!

From there, I’ll end my night with an episode or two of a show we’re watching, or curl up with a good book. Then it’s off to dream for what’s in store tomorrow!

This article was written in partnership with Tejari.