The Second Trimester Essentials Every Mom-To-Be Needs.

By Babe

The second trimester of pregnancy is usually the sigh-of-relief-trimester. The initial wave of new symptoms that your body created as it adapted to carry your baby has finally reduced from a boil to a simmer. 

It’s time to hone in on the intricacies of your body’s needs. With less time spent feeling nauseous, you can use your newfound clarity to develop a new normal. Let’s chat about the perfect routine as you enter the 13th week, aka the second trimester.

Your body and mind will both still undergo some transformations and adaptations during your second trimester. It’s worth it to take account of these possibilities and prepare everything you need to make for a smooth, confident few months with your lemon-sized babe.

The best way to prepare for a positive second trimester is with comfortable and utilitarian clothes, the proper kinds of skincare, and a few pain-relieving tools to manage the possible discomforts of your pregnancy.

Peep our tips:

The Only Constant Is Change

So what exactly are you supposed to expect during the second trimester of your pregnancy? Honestly, not too much will surprise you.

After the first few weeks of intense newness and sickness and pain, you might get to relax a little bit during this period of pregnancy. Think of it as your baby giving you a break before all hell/your water breaks loose.

Let’s discuss a few things you might want to consider going into this next chapter of your baby bump-y road.

Your Body, Mama

Be prepared to potentially experience a few physical changes to your body.

Some of these could include:

Chest and Belly Growth

Listen, your baby wants to come out. They want to meet you, and they want to put a few faces to the voices they keep hearing from that super intense drama you’ve been marathoning. Your uterus will be expanding so that your baby can continue to grow and get bigger, meaning your belly will be growing, too. 

Along with the belly, your breasts will probably also grow as your hormones amp up prepping for the baby reveal. Get ready to snap that week 14 belly bump update pic for your followers, mama! 

Sensitive Skin

All those hormones are pretty powerful, and they can affect your skin too. You might find that an increase in pigment-holding cells, also known as melanin, affects your skin in a condition known as melasma. If you experience melasma, you’ll notice brown patches on your face and/or a dark brown line going down the middle of your baby bump.

Not to worry: These changes are pretty normal and typically go away after you give birth. As you might expect, though, a few stretch marks might stick around. Your expanding skin is going through a lot, and there are ways to prevent and heal stretch marks if you want, too

The Nose Blows

A lesser-known change to your physical form during pregnancy is the change to your sinuses and nasal passage. Those same persistent hormones are also responsible for increased blood flow and production. This increase can make your mucous membranes swell and more susceptible to bleeding.

Dental Care and Cavity Concerns

Your second-trimester hormones heighten your physical sensitivity, which also might result in sensitive gums that bleed more easily when brushing or flossing your teeth. Irritation to the gums is common.

If you vomited often during your first trimester, your tooth enamel might have weakened, making you more susceptible to cavities. Pay close attention to your dental care during your second trimester.


Newfound poor circulation throughout your pregnancy can mean a lack of proper blood flow to your head. This can cause a new symptom: dizziness. A helpful tactic to manage dizziness is laying down and elevating your feet and legs to allow more blood flow to your head and relieve the uncomfortable sensation


Don’t be alarmed by a sudden midnight leg cramp – the second trimester tends to usher this pesky symptom in. That change in circulation that caused the dizziness and the new weight distribution can be the cramp culprit. Stretching before bed might help avoid this one.  

Leg cramps may be a pain, but luckily pregnancy doesn’t need to cramp your style.

Vaginal Discharge and UTIS

Vaginal Discharge – Not that this is news to you, but vagina discharge is totally normal. Progression in your pregnancy may just signal a little more of that clear, sticky stuff that we all know is there but never talk about.

UTI – Pregnancy has the ability to increase your risk of contracting a urinary tract infection. We hate urinary tract infections, and we sincerely hope you avoid them. UTIs are the ultimate unwelcome visitor, so make sure to prevent them as best ya can.

Your Mind

Sure, you may be done with morning sickness. But you’re not quite crossing the finish line yet. Your second trimester usually kicks you into a second wind of physical and mental optimism that makes you feel even more excited to meet your baby. 

But of course, there may always be hormonal and logical ups and downs as you begin to think ahead and learn more about caring for your baby and their future, as well as your own postpartum health. Pregnancy stress and anxiety are completely normal, and if you ask us, we think you’re going to do great.

Taking Care of You: Second Trimester Must-Haves

It might feel a little bit overwhelming to consider all the different ways your body may adjust during each stage, specifically the second trimester of your pregnancy.

If You’re Worried About Your Skin

As you know, the second trimester can alter the look and feel of your skin. Your skin will experience increased sensitivity and dryness, as well as the formation of stretch marks.

  • To soothe your skin and keep yourself moisturized, you’ll want to have some all-natural Belly Oil handy. Not only does skin oil naturally soften and smoothen your skin, but it can also help build up the skin cells to prevent or heal the formation of stretch marks. 
  • If your skin is feeling parched, you’ll want to keep a tube of Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm with you at all times. Plus, this will really come in handy once your baby is born if you start breastfeeding. Starting now will help soothe your changing and expanding skin. 
  • For going that extra mile with the maintenance of that beautiful baby bump, you might want to stock up on a natural Smooth Belly Scrub to cycle into your weekly skincare routine.

Just like you’d do with your face, a good belly scrub will exfoliate the skin and keep your skin renewed. Exfoliation can help regenerate skin cells for smoother, softer skin and skin that can rebuild over stretch marks.

If You’re In Pain

From leg cramps to swelling to sleepless nights because baby can’t stop kickin’, we know you need some pain relief, mama. And there are so many ways to take care of that aching body. 

Here are a few ways we’d do it:

  • Exercise in style! A little movement will improve circulation and keep your muscles stretched, strong, and nimble. Healthy muscles and blood flow mean less cramping and less dizziness. 100% cotton joggers can make a run or walk to the mailbox look effortless (even if it doesn’t feel that way).

    Sleek maternity leggings that fit and stretch during your second trimester to make a trip to the pilates studio or that walk around your local reservoir feel confident, comfy, and easy.
  • Lather it up. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to run out the door but having trouble with your sneakers because of swelling. Hatch’s Down, Girl Swell Relief is our savior for that. Seriously — swollen feet suck.
  • Keep Your Head Up. We love a pair of compression socks. But as we wrap up this list, we would be remiss to omit the most critical wrap of all (beyond your favorite breakfast wrap from Starbucks). The Head Peace compression wrap takes the headache out of your day and soothes that annoying ache. 

One Down, One To Go

The road to meeting your brand new baby is getting less windy with each passing week. Your second trimester should feel like a brief reprieve from the huge cycle of changes before you enter your final chapter.

And even when it doesn’t, you’ll be able to handle it. With the right kind of prep, you’ll be riding this wave like a sexy mama mermaid.