Should I take a breastfeeding class?

On one hand, we’re all about “The More You Know” as a 360-degree philosophy when it comes to pregnancy, parenting and life in general. So should you take a class to educate you on latching, colostrum, feeding schedules and the like? Sure. On the other hand, nursing is one of those things you can’t really figure out until there is a baby attempting to suckle at your teetahs. While breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world, it can also be a total mindf*ck. Sometimes it works right away, sometimes it’s a brutal effort that never really materializes. And in-between the extremes are most mamas who’ve had to work at it, as well as all the experts and lactation consultants who help make the dream of breast-feeding a reality. Totally your call, mama! Just know that whether or not you take a class, you may have to ask for help regardless. So seek out some resources in advance or hit up your hospital’s chosen references just in case.